DAY6 ‘Youth’ in Manila: A Must-Watch Concert

October 16, 2018

DAY6 ‘Youth’ in Manila has been the talk of the town. This was the first time this Korean band performed in the Philippines. Filipino My Days have been so excited to see them and watch them perform live. They, or should I say we, have been waiting for three years.

I was so blessed to have a ticket for this concert. DAY6 ‘Youth’ in Manila is actually a sold-out concert and a lot of Filipino My Days were not able to buy tickets. To be very honest with everyone, I was a bit hesitant to go to the concert because of some personal reasons. But at the end of the day, my love for DAY6 conquered everything.

In this blog, I will be sharing you some of my experiences from their arrival, to the hotel, until the concert.

DAY6 Arrival at Terminal 1 - October 4, 10:30pm

My friend, Bea, and I were talking if we should go to the airport to greet DAY6. We were a bit hesitant since this would be our first #TeamAirport. We really do not know if we will manage to see DAY6. Upon checking the flights, we decided to go to the airport late that night.

We stayed at the corner where fans usually wait for their idols. As time passes by, more My Days came and the security guards started to gather at our place. I saw some of my old My Day friends. I was a bit hesitant at first but I ended up talking to them.

After hours of waiting, DAY6 finally came out. Unfortunately, we were not able to see a good sight of them since the airport bus blocked our view. But thanks to my hawk eye and my camera I was able to get a bit of their arrival.

Link to the video:

Only a few of us managed to see them and I am one of them. That ignited my feeling and started being excited to attend the concert.

Bea and I was not able to sleep well that night. We continued spazzing again and again, repeating the video I took.

The next day: Food Support Project (a short preview of being #TEAMHOTEL)

I was able to persuade Bea to come with me as DAY6 Philippines buy the Filipino snacks. Just in case you don't know, I am a former staff of DAY6 Philippines. I am no longer active in the fanclub because I need to focus on my thesis. And, it is more fun to just be a fan without responsibilities. Quitting the fanclub life is a different story and that would be a different blog post.

Anyway, so I happened to help the fanclub because they transferred the money to me. Around lunch time, we arrived at Cubao to buy the snacks.

Around 4pm we finished packing it and went to DAY6 hotel to give the food support. When we arrived there, some fansites were amazed at the food support and even the sticker. A few moments later, DAY6 suddenly went down the hotel to go to KIA Theatre for their rehearsal. And I’m just so happy we saw them.

It was getting late and my anxiety is attacking so I decided to go home. I rested and prepared for D-DAY.

DAY6 ‘Youth’ in Manila: D-DAY

If people have the Post-Concert Depression after the concert, then I have the Pre-Concert Anxiety before the concert. This was the worse PCA I have ever experienced. It was as if my first time to attend a concert in my whole life. I can’t eat much which really sucks. I'll be at the standing area so I really need the energy.

I arrived at the venue at around 1pm. I was there early because Ate Jovs will be getting the posters from me. But honestly, I do not want to go to the concert early. I might see some people who might ruin my mood.

My friend, Ate Shienna, came at about 6:30pm. So I have to wait for her before we enter the venue since her ticket is with me. A few minutes later, DAY6 ‘Youth’ in Manila has started.

What amazed me in this concert was the energy of the Filipino fans. They were really very amazing. No dull moments. The concert itself was amazing. DAY6 was so happy seeing all My Days seeing with them. Note: They were not singing the fanchant, but the whole song. Jae even said “The energy is good tonight!”

Young K and Jae were really fluent in English so they managed to speak to us. Sungjin, Dowoon, and Wonpil really did their best to communicate with us. Dowoon even asked us to drink with them after the concert. *ehem so you saw the fanproject* Oh, and they even tried speaking Tagalog. “Ako po si Young K” and a phrase by Wonpil which I cannot understand haha.

Throughout the whole concert, Filipino My Days were really amazing. It was a successful event because DAY6 was happy. DAY6 felt sorry for making us wait. But, well, waiting was really worth it. They promised to be back in the future. And hopefully, I’ll be able to attend.

Here is my vlog about the event: 

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