Wanna One 'One: The World' in Manila - The Reality I'm Afraid to Face

September 05, 2018

This blog post might be a little emotional. It won't be all about what happened in the concert but more of what I felt during the concert. To be honest, this is the worst PCD I have ever experienced in my whole life. So are you ready to feel what I felt during Wanna One 'One: The World' in Manila?
September 1, 2018 - It is the date I wanted to come and at the same time the date I am afraid to come. If you have notice in my previous blogs, I have been a fan of Wanna One (Wannable) ever since the start. I have watched Produce 101 Season 2 and waited for their debut. It feels like it was just yesterday when I started watching them on my laptop. But here we are now, on their last stop for the world tour, and maybe my last chance to see them in flesh as a whole group.
Wanna One is just a project group and is not meant to be a permanent group. And that what hurts the most. I have invested a lot of feelings for them and at the end I will just see them being disbanded and go on with their new or old groups. How I wish they were a permanent group.
I went to Malaysia last July 21, 2018 to witness their concert. By then, I no longer have plans on seeing them here in Manila because of money issues. But there is something telling me to go and watch. God made a way for me to watch the said concert. My seat was actually on Lowerbox C Section 218.

Here is my view. To be honest, I'm quite near than expected. I can still clearly see them at the extended stage and main stage. During concerts, I always choose the seated part since I can't stand up for a long time. Although, I feel a little bit disappointed with myself. I hope that I can be like those fans who can stand up for straight 3-4 hours with a lot of people surrounding them.
The concert started at around 7:30pm. PH Wannables became even wilder than usual and those from our section started standing up from their seats. So even if I'm at the seated area, I was still standing.
The moment Wanna One went out of the stage, I became so emotional even if the song is Burn it Up. Well, who wouldn't be? It might be the last time I'll get to see them perform Burn it Up.
As the concert progresses, the more gloomy I feel. I badly want to cry on that same time but I shouldn't and just enjoy the said concert. I already know the line up of the songs since I have watched it in Malaysia. Somehow, I felt like this was my first time seeing them.

What I love in the crowd is their energy which made the boys hyper too. Daehwi even mentioned that we are the loudest crowd who sang with them during Always. PH fans are always loudest fans.
Wanna One didn't fail us when they started talking in Filipino. Well the most memorable for me is when Kuan Lin said, "Baby ko." And my noona heart died. IKAW ANG BEBE KO KUAN LIN! They kept on saying "Mahal ko Kayo" and "Akin ka" which made the crowd even more louder.
At the end of the concert, they kept on saying that they will come back soon. They might come back but not as Wanna One anymore since their contract is about to end.
Bae Jinyoung told us to never forget about them. It made me more emotional. I promise you. I won't.
My heart started to sank down when they had their last bow and went back to the main stage while the LED screen is going down. It's the last.

As I started going out of the concert venue, it all sank down on me. Everything. The concert has finally ended. My tears started to fall. Some of my friends are laughing at me for crying. But, I really can't contain my feelings anymore.
As much as I enjoyed the concert, a part of me isn't because I know it's the end.
But I'm thankful I had the chance to see them for one last time. I am thankful I got to see them three times before disbanding. Although I feel it is still not enough, I am still thankful for every opportunity.
To Wanna One, I Promise You that I'll Remember Your Name, Always.
Here are some of my photos during the concert:

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