Leader in Skin Science has come!

August 31, 2018

Once Filipinos hear the term "Korea," we, Filipino suddenly think of samgyeopsal or even K-Dramas or K-Pop. Well, even the public goes crazy when the ticket selling is on. But what does make Korea stand out these days? Not only for its music, Korea is also known for their skin products.

These products helps everyone achieve the clear, healthy, or what we call as the "glass skin". This 'glass skin' has been a worldwide topic. And here enters the Leader in Skin Science. Leaders from Korea, a global mask sheet brand, recently relaunched their brand here in the Philippines at SM North EDSA - The Block Atrium.

The staff of Leaders of Skin Science invited some bloggers and media personalities for this grand launching event. I am from Cube Media or more known as kpopchannel.tv. Bloggers and other known personalities also came in the event. Leaders provides high quality mask sheets for every skin type. The dermatologists from the top-ranking university in Korea, Seoul National University, made and clinically-tested the mask sheets.

Unlike other cosmetic brands, Leaders focuses only on dermatology—producing mask sheets based on medical expertise and years of research with its own R&D laboratory and state-of-the-art factory in Korea.

While we’re in awe of Korean skincare, still there are many ways to achieve perfect skin and it doesn’t happen in an instant. It requires continuous efforts like eating healthy meals, sleeping early, exercising regularly, etc. Want an easy and simple solution for all skin concerns? Choose Leaders mask sheets, officially distributed by Brosnep Corp. Available in selected Watsons, SM Stores and CNA and soon at all Watsons branches.

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