Taking this 'Fangirling' to the next level - Wanna One in Kuala Lumpur

August 18, 2018

It's almost a month since I went to Malaysia (together with Ms. Jay) to watch Wanna One "One: The World" concert there. I became sick after the travel and I have been busy with my thesis that is why I wasn't able to blog about it right away. But since I am given some extra time today, I am blogging my fangirl experience.


Our flight is around 6-7am on the same day of the concert. So we were at the airport at around 2am (not to mention I arrived home at around 11pm because of the arrival dinner of the Thai actors of What the Duck). I was really sleepy. But time flew fast and after a few hours, we have arrived at KLIA2. Thanks to Air Asia.

As far as I remember, we arrived almost 12nn. After arriving at the airport, we decided to go to the concert venue first to get our tickets before heading to the hotel.

How to go to Axiata Arena from KLIA2?

  1. Ride a bus (Jetstar) going to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). The bus station is located at the first floor of the airport. You can see the signs there. RM11

  2. After arriving at the terminal, you can either ride their LRT or just use the Grab app. We just used the Grab app which costs us RM9.

  3. Then you have arrived at Axiata Arena.

After falling in line for a couple of hours, we have finally got our tickets!!! Yey!

We went to the hotel first to put our things and also to rest a little and prepare for the concert. Our hotel is a Hotel @ the Trillium which we booked using Booking.com. It was near Axiata Arena so it is convenient for us.

Back to the concert venue.

Unofficial merch vendors are all around the place. This time, they have certain places and tents. It's like a bazaar. And I find it really cool even if I am not a fan of unofficial merch. But seeing the fans so happy buying those merch really makes my heart flutter.

There were a lot of international fans who went to Malaysia to attend the concert too. Wanna One is really something.

Before entering the venue, we roamed around and took some pictures. The time we took this photo was around 6:30pm. But it's still not dark! And I find it amazing! We entered the venue after we ate some food. Oh by the way, Malaysia's milk teas are the best!!

Here is our view. It looks like we are in the Upper Box section of MOA Arena. The venue was a bit small compared to the previous venues I have attended so we were still able to see them clearly. There were a lot of fans who went to the concert but were still not enough to fill the whole place.

Photography and videography of the concert are not allowed (although there are still some fans who took videos and the staff were really strict). I only took a photo of them when they bowed down.

I was really not updated with them after their song Boomerang. I'm going to admit. Maybe because the song is not my cup of tea. But when I heard the concert's playlist live, I fell in love with them over and over again. I like their new unit songs, especially Forever + 1 by Lean on Me unit (Minhyun, Jisung and Sungwoon). I also liked the performance of the Triple position. Kangaroo was a great song too!

This is the first concert that I got to enjoy and just watch them since I didn't hold my phone to take a video or picture. I was just watching them and appreciating everything they do.

After watching the concert, I badly want to attend the last leg of their concert which will be held in Manila. Unfortunately, the tickets were already sold out. But I'm still hoping I'll get to have even if it is SRO (or media pass).

And of course, my mandatory selfie shot with the banner. I'm really blessed. From #TeamBahay to #TeamConcert to #TeamInternationalConcert. My fangirl life is really leveling up! Soon, #TeamSouthKoreaConcert!

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