My Hong Kong Experience

May 14, 2018

It has been a while since I last blogged. I actually made a resolution of blogging at least twice a month, but I guess resolutions are meant to be broken. Lol. But, anyway, I'm back and hopefully for the best! Please do pray for me as I continue my blogging.

Like what the title says, I will be blogging about my Hong Kong experience. It was my first time to go to Hong Kong after several tries of booking and rebooking. I was really impressed with Hong Kong and I really want to go back if my time and wallet allow me.

I am with my cousin in this Hong Kong trip. We were able to book a two-way flight with city tour and Disneyland from Amazing Holiday Travel. I can say that they are very accommodating and easy to talk with. I can definitely recommend them.


Our flight was at 7am of May 9, but was a little bit delayed because of some air traffic. Anyway, we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport right on time. My first impression the moment I stepped on the airport was, "Wow, it's cold here!" Well you know, in the Philippines it is very hot. Then, we road a train going to the immigration. How I wish the Philippines has the same style.

Everything went smoothly.

We had our money exchanged to their currency and then got our wifi which I booked at KKDAY. For less than 600 pesos, we were able to have unlimited 4G for 3 days. It was actually fast.

We also bought Octopus Card there at the airport. As far as I remember, it costs 150HKD wherein the card load is 100HKD and 50HKD is the deposit amount. The deposit can be claimed when the card is returned.

After getting all the things we needed, we went straight to Arrival Hall to meet our tourist guide. We went straight to the hotel. Our hotel was at Rambler Garden.

I was a little bit shocked with the vehicles here because the driver is seated on the right side. In the Philippines, the drivers are at the left side so I was impressed seeing the driver at the right side. Anyway, we arrived at Rambler Hotel at about 1pm I guess.

After leaving our things there, we immediately went outside to go the Madame Tussauds at The Peak. If you want to know more about Madame Tussauds, here is their website:

How to go to The Peak from Rambler Garden:
  1. Go to Tsing Yi station. Rambler Garden offers a free shuttle ride to MTR Tsing Yi station. Just check at the lobby for the time. If you missed the shuttle, you can ride a taxi going there which can cost you about 30HKD
  2.  From Tsing Yi station, go to Hong Kong Station.
  3.  Walk towards the Central Station and ride Bus 15 to The Peak.
We actually got lost looking for the Bus 15 but we still managed to find it.

This is one picture I took at Madame Tussauds. This is Bae Yong-Joon, a Korean actor known for the drama Winter Sonata.

There are a lot of artists and famous personalities at Madame Tussauds. I was so excited to go to the Korean area because I am a KPOP and Kdrama fan! There were also some Marvel characters there. If you really love to take pictures and appreciate these works, you should definitely go here!

NOTE: If you're from a tropical country who is not used to with cold weathers, plus you're going here at night time, please do bring a jacket. I really regret not bringing one.


On our Day 2 here in Hong Kong, we have a half-day City Tour and also half-day in Disneyland. I actually forgot what place this is but yeah, it's cold too. It was drizzling at the moment.

After our city tour, we went to Disneyland! Look! I got a picture with Goofy and Pluto. They actually loved Baby Mark.

Our DAY 2 was actually the most tiring trip. My feet hurt a little bit from walking all around Disneyland. I really enjoyed the performances there! How I wish I can also perform.


Today is going to be our last day here at Hong Kong. So we decided to buy souvenirs at the Ladies' Market. Ladies' Market actually opens at midday so it is better to go there a little bit late.

So, how to go to Ladies' Market from Rambler Garden?
  1. Take the shuttle or a taxi to Tsing Yi station.
  2. From Tsing Yi station, ride to Lai King. Then transfer station.
  3. Ride the red line going to Mong Kok.
  4. From Mong Kok station, just walk to Ladies' Market.

Here is where all my money went. I was able to buy 15 keychains for 100HKD. 7 Tshirts for 100HKD too. It was really cheap in their money. So Filipinos, don't convert. HAHA. After buying souvenirs, we went back to the hotel to fix our stuff because we are going back to PH.

How I wish I could stay a little bit longer so that I can visit some of the beautiful places in Hong Kong. I guess I just need to go back there soon. So that is my Hong Kong experience. Words cannot explain how happy I am. To my next travel (ehem Malaysia lol).

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