SAMGYUPSALAMAT at Robinsons Galleria

December 07, 2018

Samgyupsalamat was actually the first Korean BBQ Restaurant that I have been to. I went to their Taft branch together with my GOT7 Squad. Since I have been craving for samgyupsal again, I invited my friend, Pat, to eat with me at Samgyupsalamat. This time, we ate at their Robinsons Galleria branch.

I am the kind of person who barely tries something new. Since I tried eating samgyupsal at Samgyupsalamat, I tend to always eat there whenever I crave for samgyupsal. But, I have eaten at different Korean restaurants. Since I have been watching 2 Days and 1 Night lately, I have been craving for samgyupsal.

Good thing, my very special friend accompanied me to eat at Samgyupsalamat. She is Pat. She is also a fangirl!

Samgyupsalamat Robinsons Galleria branch is located at Level 3, Upper Veranda. If you're thinking why their name is Samgyupsalamat, well, they combined the words "samgyupsal" which means grilled pork belly, and "salamat" which means thank you.

When we arrived there, some people were waiting for their turns. We went to the staff who's writing the reservation sequence. We were currently on #15. I thought we were going to wait for a really long time. But we just waited for about 10 minutes? It was the fastest waiting time that I have ever experienced with Samgyupsalamat.

What I totally loved about Samgyupsalamat Robinsons Galleria Branch

1. Space

As you can see in the picture, we're not too crowded and the tables have enough spaces. We can move freely (and eat freely of course lol) because we have enough spaces. At some other branches, the tables were a bit near each other so I always hit the person at my back since I love to move my chair.

2. The food (of course)

Well, the reason why I love Samgyupsalamat is because of their meats and their side dishes. I can already smell the meat as we were grilling it. Like in any other branches, you are allowed to get two plates of meat at a time.

And this is my favorite meat, Bulgogi.

Oh, and the cheese. I also love that cheese and that Filipino style dip. Their kimchi was also good!

3. The chopsticks

I'll be very honest with you. I was shocked when I saw that their chopsticks were the normal wooden chopsticks that you can buy at any grocery stores. Upon looking at other customers, there were some who were using the metal one but some who were using the wooden one.

I prefer the wooden one since I have been using it for quite some time. The metal one is a bit flat so I find it difficult to use while the wooden one is round.

4. Their overall service

The staff were really approachable and fast in doing their actions. I also like that they are still having fun while they are serving us. Plus, Samgyupsalamat has no time limit! You can eat for as long as you like!

For those of you who are planning to go to any Samgyupsalamat branch soon, here is a sample of their menu. I actually forgot to take a photo of the menu so I just grabbed this photo from their Facebook page.

For other details like locations, you can visit their website.

Of course, I really enjoyed the food and the talk with my friend. Thank you Samgyupsalamat for existing!

To more food adventures!

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