K-Vault: Wanna One "One: The World" in Seoul DVD

December 08, 2018

Finally! After waiting for a couple of months, the Wanna One "One: The World" in Seoul DVD has arrived. As far as I can remember the release date was around October? But anyway, the important thing is it has arrived. Let's do some unboxing of this DVD.

I bought the DVD from PeachNoonaPH. Before I start showing you the DVD, I will first make a short review about the shop. It was actually my first time buying from that shop so I am still a bit hesitant with it. But since my friend told me that this shop is reliable, I gave it a try.

Compared to other group orders, their price for it was just in the middle. It is not that too expensive but still not the cheapest. What I somehow disliked about this shop is that they handle TOO MANY group orders that makes them not that responsive enough to the buyers. And when they do respond, they answer coldly.

They DO NOT update you if they have received your payments. We still need to check the form daily to see if they have updated the form into "PAID". Other shops always confirm the payment via email so that we have a receipt that they have claimed it. They also update lesser.

But the good thing about this shop is that once the item is here and the shipping fee is finally paid, they will immediately ship your item. I don't know what courier they used but it was really okay. There were no bubble wraps used, but there were no dents. It seems like they were the own who brought it at my house.

Anyway, let's go back now to the DVD.

Packaging of the DVD

This is how the front looks like. It somehow has a plastic glass cover? Don't know if it's really a glass. lol.

Here is the side:

And the back...

This is the plastic glass cover of the DVD.


This is where the DVDs are placed. It's cool because the cardboard is covered with cloth where the details are printed.

It consists of three DVDs. The first disc was for the Part I of the concert. The second was the Part II + Some Special clips. The third was the making.


I remembered Chungha's first album with this color. Well, at least the fonts here are visible compared to her album. lol.

Here are some previews of the photobook. Brace yourself for Hwang Minhyun's abs. lol.

My favorite part lol:

Pre-Order Benefit

Why is it called Pre-Order Benefit? So if you ordered the DVD before its official release (or you are part of the first press) you will have these pre-order benefits. For this DVD, the pre-order benefit are the postcards and the mouse pad.


Mouse Pad

I don't think I will use this mouse pad ever. lol. Well, aside from the fact that I don't use mouse when I use my laptop, their faces were so cute I can't just smudge them. lol.

So that's technically what's inside this merch. Here is my unboxing video.

UPDATE: I hope PEACH NOONA PH is no longer opening any orders because I was scammed. My Kihno never arrived. And I feel so sad because this was the first time I got scammed. So please, don't order from them.

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