Meeting the KPOP Group “NOIR”

December 26, 2018

I was pretty much aware that this new KPOP group, NOIR, will be visiting the Philippines for a free fan event. But I never knew that I will have the chance to meet them twice.

I barely stan new groups nowadays. Maybe because I am already at the point where I can’t be updated with all the groups all the time. That is why I have no idea who NOIR is or even know who the members were.

The only reason why I heard or saw their name was when AAP posted about them having this free fan event with hi-hug and fansigning. I was really curious at that moment. Of course, it’s a FREE event yet you have those kind of perks. So, I did a few research about them.

NOIR (느와르) is a 9-member South Korean boy group under LUK Factory. The members are Seunghoon, Yeonkuk, Junyong, Yunsung, Siheon, Hoyeon, Siha, Minhyuk, and Daewon and they debuted last April 9, 2018.

During our dinner with family, Ate Minsei asked me if I want to join the other correspondents to cover the arrival of Noir in the Philippines. Knowing me, I would always say yes as long as it has no conflicts with my other schedule. And that’s how I met NOIR.

The Arrival of NOIR

I was quite happy when I saw the flight details. They will be arriving at Terminal 2 at around 11:15am. I liked Terminal 2 over Terminal 1 since there is a longer runway meaning we can take many shots.

But before going to Terminal 2, Erica and I went to Terminal 1 to take our passes first. We were actually nervous because we came there a bit late. But fortunately, we arrived there just on time. We were still able to prepare before NOIR came out.

I honestly have no idea who the members were. I mean, I have no time to memorize their faces and their names so I am quite afraid that I might take videos of the wrong person. But thankfully, they can be easily spotted.

The arrival video is not yet uploaded on our Youtube page so I will just be sharing to you some screenshots of the video I took for I will be updating this post once the video is uploaded.

Daewon is honestly so cute! He loves to look at my camera and wave his hands like this. Meanwhile, Yeonkuk will just smile a bit and ignore me 😂 No but seriously he will just smile a bit and look at the fans who were there at the airport too.

Oh yeah, hi there Yoonsung! He just gave me a heart finger. Wow just wow! My heart stopped beating for a while.

By the way, thank you K-Music Insider for uploading a video where my face can be visibly seen. Here’s a screenshot of their video.

That was the time that Yoonsung was doing the finger heart to me. Oh and look at this cutie Daewon saying hi to everyone!

But you know who took my heart? It’s Junyoung.

I never noticed him on their pictures but dang boy, he is so handsome in person. My heart.. and then he waved goodbye to me. 😭😍

At that moment, I know I wanted to see Junyoung more. So I immediately asked Ate Minsei if I could come to the one-on-one interview. And she said yes!

Before leaving the airport, we met the correspondents of K-Music Insider. And there you have it, hello new friends!

One-on-One Interview with NOIR

Our channel was actually given 15minutes to interview NOIR. I will update this post once our interview with them has been uploaded.

I was actually very nervous at that moment. Maybe because I’m gonna see them again for the second time.

The interview happened at Manila Hotel. And here are the correspondents from (Melu, Erica, Me, Amor, and Ate Minsei).

The boys were looking so good of especially Junyongieee ❤️😂 During the interview, I was a bit trembling because I am not using a tripod. Hopefully my video is still stable.

Visit’s Twitter account to see more pictures of NOIR.

This was the first time I saw a KPOP group so excited when they received a gift. Yoonsung and Junyoung even jumped when we gave them a gift. And that is how we got a group photo with them.

Dear Junyoung, even if we are both on the sides of the picture, at least we have a picture together. I hope my heart reaches there. Lol.

Look at Seunghoon holding our gift.

Noir was actually fun to talk with. To all the fans of Noir, you are very lucky for stanning a very humble yet talented group.

I was not able to attend their free event because I need to go back to my province. I believe that this won’t be the last time I’ll be seeing you guys.

Good luck on your future activities! Thank you AAP for bringing them here.

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