Be a Peso-Fan: A Guide on How I Do My #IPONING for KPOP Concerts

January 08, 2019

For the first blog post of 2019, I decided to write something that may somehow be a help to you, my fellow fans. As seen in the title, I’ll be sharing to you some guides on how to save money #IPONING for KPOP concerts.

2019 is said to be another KPOP and KDrama year for the Philippines. Even at the start of the year, we are already welcomed with many acts (Seungri, Momoland, Blackpink, So Ji Sub, etc.). And what is the most common line from us?

In order to  attend these events, we surely need to save a lot of money. So for this blog post, I'll be sharing to you some tips.

I know there are a lot of tips out there but these tips that I’ll be sharing to you is my personal experience on how I do my #IPONING for concerts. Also, how I earn money to add for my savings.

DISCLAIMER: My tips may or may not be applicable to you. Try and try until you find the suitable saving technique.

Planning and Budgeting

For a not-so-rich like me, planning and budgeting is a MUST if I plan on attending concerts.

Choose your target seat

Of course, I know we all wanted to be at the VIP section but let’s admit it, not all can afford it. But who cares? The important thing is that you’re at that concert. It doesn’t matter what section you are, the fact that you’re part of the crowd is already enough.

Usually, when I choose my target seat, I make sure that I prioritize my bias group. VIP seats for my favorite group and upperbox or gen ad section for my other groups.

Research about the possible producers and their past concerts

Why do I do this? It’s because this will give me an idea on how much I need to save for a concert.

Example, for PULP Live World, usually the price of their concert ranges from 2,500 - 15,000. So if they bring Super Junior back I need to have at least 15,000 before the ticket selling begins.

Set a target date and then do the math

Most of the time, I save money for my favorite group for 5 months. And 3 months for other groups. Once I have my target date, I start computing the money I need to save within that span of time given the allowance that I have.

So for example, I plan to attend Super Junior's concert. Since Super Junior is my bias group I wanted to be at the VIP section. In 5 months, I need to save P15,000. 5-months is more or less 150 days. If my target budget is 15,000, I will simply divide it to the days I have. So 15,000 / 150 = 100. So daily, I need to save 100 pesos so I can reach my target money for that span of time.

Formula: Target Money / No. of Days = Amount to be saved daily

Get a piggy bank and record your savings

Not literally, the piggy bank we all know. But find a good place where you can save your money - whether it be on a bank or just a box. If you just plan on saving it on a certain box, make sure to have a notebook or planner. A planner will keep you updated to how much you’re earning (or losing) for the week.

It would be better if your notebook or planner (well most planners have this) have a calendar so you can check it daily if you have saved money on that day.

If I was not able to save for one day, I tend to double my savings on another day.

Additional Income

If you think your allowance is not enough to save money for concerts (especially if you're a multi-fandom), then you can try some of these ways to earn additional money.

Use your skills

Check your capabilities. What are you good at? Are you good at drawing? Then start having some commissions. I actually have a friend who’s earning thousands just by having commissions. She accepts different kinds of commissions like drawing commissions, graphics, animations, and anything that is related with arts. With her talent, she was able to save money.

How about writing? I used to earn money in writing, somehow P300 per article. Not bad! If I have written at least 5 articles per week, I will earn P1,500. There are a lot of websites that are looking for writers.

Or maybe you're good at baking? I can still remember, I used to sell brownies when I was on my first year in college. I earn at least 250 per box. All of those earnings go to my savings. During BoB2015, I lack 1000 pesos for my target seat. So I tried selling more brownies. I was able to sell 6 boxes under 3 days and I earned 1500 pesos. Right on time for the ticket selling.

Check on what you are good at and use that skill to earn money.

Let go of the things you no longer use

Maybe you have a lot of clothes you no longer wear, or shoes, or even some things that you are no longer using. Why not try to sell them? Before, I sold my old tablet and tennis racket (wherein I earned 4k). Since I no longer use those things and instead of having it stuck on my room, I decided to sell it and be used by other people.

There were times that I also sold some of my precious merch. Yes, my merch. I sold them for the reason that I never get to play them and it just get stuck at my box. And mostly, most of my merch are duplicates since I tend to buy a lot of albums just for the inclusion. My room is already full of merch and I do not know where to put it anymore.

You'll not only earn money, but at the same time, have more spaces in your room.

DO's and DON'Ts while saving (well more of DON'Ts)

Do Save ASAP

"Pakirelease na po ng seat plan para makapag-ipon na kami (Please release the seat plan so that we can start saving)"

"Kaka-announce lang, ticket selling na agad? (It was just announced suddenly it's already the ticket selling?"

"Team Bahay na naman ako neto. Wala pa akong pera! (I'll be Team House again. I have no money yet!)"

Sounds familiar, right? Whenever a producer hinted something or released an announcement of an upcoming concert, these are the common statements from the fans. Like what I said earlier, save as soon as possible, even if there is no announcement yet. Why wait for the ticket prices when you can save in advance? In that way, you’ll not panic once you see the ticket prices.

Here's a common formula: Budget - Savings = Expenses. Make sure to minus your savings first and then budget the remaining money for your expenses. Most of the time, we can’t save because we always think that we still have extra money. But when we are forced with this limited budget, we start to think carefully when we buy things.

Nothing will happen if you will not save asap. As a fan, #IPONING is always a habit. So never stop 'iponing'.

Do not starve yourself

Don’t starve yourself. Cut expenses on other things not food. You don’t want to attend a concert not feeling well because you haven’t eaten for days!

If you don’t want to buy food, why not try asking your parents to make a meal for you (or maybe just cook for yourself)? Or even pack you a snack? In this way, you can still save without having to starve yourself.

Do not buy things you don't need

I know most of the time we wanted to buy things to satisfy our wants even if we don't need it (like that KPOP poster, or that KPOP badge, or whatever wants it is). But, think of it this way. You have this item but you can't see your idol? Which hurts more?

Learn to control these urges so that you can save money to see your favorite KPOP groups.

So here you have it!

This is how I do my #IPONING for KPOP Concerts. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I'll try to answer it. Do you also have tips for your fellow fans? Share it with us! We would love to hear it.

Photos were grabbed from Google Images.

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