K-Movie Review: Realizations and Thoughts on “Sunny (써니)”

January 19, 2019

I know it has been years since this movie, Sunny, was released. I have heard about it a lot of times but still failed to watch it. But now, since I finally got the chance to watch it, I’ll be sharing to you some of my thoughts on this movie.

Sunny is a South Korean comedy-drama film released in 2011. Based from online articles (and also from some Koreans I know), it is one of the best movie in Korea. The story revolves around a group of friends showing how their friendship started, the struggles they faced, and their reunion after 25 years. The story has two timelines: the 1980s where their teenage life was seen and the present.

Here are the things that I liked in Sunny (may contain some spoilers):

The Casts

Let me be honest with you. The main reason why I actually do not want to watch this movie was because of Kang Sora. I was never a fan of her (she was Leeteuk’s partner on We Got Married and also the love interest of JB in Dream High 2). Yes, I WAS immature back then.

But, it’s 2019. I know that Kang Sora is a great actress. I was just blinded by my immaturity.

Anyway, why do I like the casts? They were perfect for the role. The young casts matches the older casts. The consistency of the casts was really great.

Plus, hey, I saw one of my favorite actors, Kim Shi Hoo. It’s just so sad that he isn’t active nowadays.

Watching this movie 8 years after its release was really fun. The actresses who played these roles were already grown up now, yet still in the entertainment industry.

Oh and hi Hyo Rin who is now Taeyang’s wife.

The memorable lines

I usually get attached with a movie or a series when I can relate to a line or more. This movie may not be full of inspirational lines, but it is memorable.

Here are some of the lines that I managed to have a screenshot of:

“Dream” this line actually hit me hard. It made me think of what I actually want to do with my life, my dream. I usually say that I do not have a dream. It’s not that I really do not have, it’s just that I am afraid that I may not be able to achieve that dream. So instead of not having to achieve it, I’d rather have no dream so I will not expect much of myself.

But it’s true. We should all have a dream. Dreams usually keeps us moving. It is the main inspiration why we’re still in this world. I believe that in the near future, I’ll soon realize my dream.

If the first memorable line was a bit of sad, this line, I find it a bit funny. Saying sorry for being pretty. I actually loved this scene.

They say that when you’re drunk you say a lot of things, some are nonsense while some do make sense (and others are the things we are afraid to say).

The relatable scenes

I can actually relate to two scenes here, the first was one when Na Mi was saying that she was the most beautiful in their school before but in Seoul she isn’t.

Well, I’m not saying that I’m not the most beautiful in our place before. What made me relate in this was, I used to be the most intelligent person in our place before. But when I entered high school and college, someone else was better. Though it doesn’t mean that I’m no longer intelligent.

The other scene was having an unrequited first love.

“If you meet them again, tell them I’m your boyfriend” and then saw him having a relationship with your friend. Well yeah, it wasn't really a confession. But it will still give the slightest hope that you two can be together.

It’s funny but I suddenly thought about the first time I fell in love with someone. Will no longer talk about this but yeah, you get the gist.

Here are the things that made me feel kinda meh:

Fighting the young bullies

I know it’s a part of the story to show how they were years ago and things didn’t change. But for an older generation, fighting those bullies physically isn’t really my type.

Meeting late

I was a bit disappointed that they never really had a complete reunion. I mean, yes, the other members came but it’s already too late since Chun Hwa is already dead.

Realizations on the movie

First love never dies

Towards the end of the film, it was shown that Na Mi still gave the portrait she made for his first love. Although her feelings for him is already over, she still never forgets the fact that she fell in love with someone.


I actually envy them. They have this group of friends during their high school life. I once had a group of friends during high school, but things aren’t just okay. Well, I thought it was.

Even if it took them a tragic event and 25 years before they got reunited again, still they did. And the fun part here is that their love for each other never changed even if years have passed (and they never met ever since they got expelled)


Things do not always go the way we wanted it to be. They promised to each other that they will continue to contact each other but actually lost contact at all. There are promises that can really get broken. It’s not because they intend to but because it just simple happens out of hand.

Like what the common terms nowadays, “Adulting happened”. They can’t always be like before because things change. But that important place in your heart, for your friends, will always be there.

The movie actually failed to make me cry but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. It was and will always be a good movie. It’s just that I am not the main target audience of the film.

My words really can’t describe how great the movie is. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you watch if with your friends.

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