Meeting Park Ji Hoon for the 4th Time!

April 02, 2019

After Wanna One's last concert in Manila last September 2018, I never thought I'll get the chance to see any members again. For a broke international fan, seeing my favorite idol once is already a blessing. What more if I get to see him more than once, right?

The first time I saw Park Ji Hoon was Wanna One's first fan meeting in Manila. Luckily, I was able to win a hi-touch with them. The second time I saw him was is Malaysia. Well, yeah, I flew all the way to Malaysia to see Wanna One. And the third time was during Wanna One's concert in Manila, like what I said earlier, which happened last September 2018.

I actually did not imagine seeing Park Ji Hoon (or any Wanna One member) again after the last concert. When it was announced that Park Ji Hoon is coming to Manila for his solo fan meeting, I felt frustrated because I badly want to see him again. But I have other priorities (ehem, thesis). But special thanks to and PKCI, I had the chance to meet him again and take good photos of him.

Last March 15, 2019, I managed to see Park Ji Hoon in his solo fan meeting here in Manila. Plus, I also get to attend the press conference. As much as I wanted to be a fangirl during the event, I can't. I was there as a media so I need to do my work.

How does it feel meeting Park Ji Hoon for the 4th time?

To be very honest, I was not as excited as I was during their first fan meeting. Maybe because I am too stressed with my thesis? Or maybe I am just too tired with my whole life. HAHA. But when he went out to meet the media for his press conference, it all sank inside me. I'm meeting Park Ji Hoon and he is just a meter away from me.

One good thing of going solo is that I get to appreciate him even more. He wasn't my bias in Wanna One so I tend to give less attention to him and focus more on my favorite member. Don't get me wrong. I love all the members of Wanna One.

I actually found myself wanting to change my Wanna One bias when I met him for the fourth time. Park Ji Hoon is very kind to everyone. As much as possible, he wanted everyone to be comfortable. Attending the press conference made me realize that there are still a lot of things that I do not know about him. And I'm happy that I get to know him even more.

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The Fan Meeting gave me a Nostalgic feeling

(I'm too lazy to edit some photos so I just grabbed the photo that I took for PKCI XD)

Well, at the start of the fan meeting, Park Ji Hoon gave his own cover of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You which reminded me of Produce 101. I started imagining him being a part of Taehyun's group before and not in "Get Ugly" team. Everything would have changed. HAHA.

He even performed his favorite Wanna One songs. I'm actually tearing up a bit during that time since I miss Wanna One. That may be the reason why I got some panic attacks. But anyway, I am just so thankful that he made us remember the Produce 101 and Wanna One days.

What made this Fan Meeting special?

Aside from the fact that it is his solo fan meeting, the special thing that happened was his goodbye session. Who would have thought that his goodbye session will be the same as the ones in other country? That's when I realized that they chose a big venue because of that event.

I felt his sincerity in meeting his fans. He wanted to be closer to everyone. And that made me love him even more.

Another thing that made this fan meeting special is the people around me, fellow media, Mays, Wannables. It was like a reunion. I got to meet new friends too.

My Wannable friends ever since the start <3

My Media Friends

I am still hoping I'll get to see other members of Wanna One (and still wishing for a reunion!). I just hope I'll get to have media pass again or have enough money to buy myself a ticket so that I can fangirl all I want!

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