KDRAMA Review: W Two Worlds (2016)

March 26, 2020

Turning four years this 2020, W has still remained as one of my favorite (maybe my most favorite) KDramas that were released. At least, the KDramas I have watched. Staying at home during this quarantine period, I had this sudden urge to re-watch "W: Two Worlds". Maybe because I'm missing Lee Jong Suk so much.

The reasons why this drama is very special because it was released exactly on my birthday and also it is the first KDrama that I really watched even if it's still an on-going series. Ever since before, I always let the drama end first before watching it.

There are still a lot of people who hasn't watched W. There are different reasons why - they don't like the genre, they heard that the ending wasn't that good, or they just don't find the time to watch it yet. But whatever reason it is, I hope you find my review useful if you're planning to watch it.

Like what I always say, my reviews are my opinions. You may have different views on it. But I will try to be objective on some parts. This review will contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

About W: Two Worlds

Title: W: Two Worlds (2016)
Episodes: 16 episodes (around 1 hour each)
Airing Period: July 20, 2016 - September 14, 2016

Kang Chul played by Lee Jong Suk
Oh Yeon Joo  played by Han Hyo Joo
Oh Seung Moo played by Kim Eui Sung
Park Soo Bong played by Lee Si Un
Seo Do Yoon played by Lee Tae Hwan
Yoon So Hee played by Lee Eugene
Han Chul Ho played by Park Won Sang

Plot: It is a fictional love story of Kang Chul, the rich and handsome lead character from the webtoon "W", and Oh Yeon Joo, a surgeon in the real world. The writer of the webtoon wanted to end it by killing Kang Chul but Kang Chul stopped it from happening and dragged Oh Yeon Joo in his world. It is a story about finding existence, falling love, and sacrificing.

Things I like about W: Two Worlds

The story

First episode of this drama made me attached to it already. Maybe because it is not a typical love story wherein both leads are humans or both leads are from the same world or time. It is a story about a webtoon character and a real human being.

When I was watching this in 2016, I was still active in writing fan fictions. That's why I was very much interested with the story. Although Oh Seung Moo was the one who drew and published the story of W, it was Oh Yeon Joo who created the character of Kang Chul. She even mentioned that this is his ideal type.

I'll be separating this in two parts: Episodes 1-8 and Episodes 9-16. (Although I wanted to tell the whole story per episode, I won't since this is not a recap but a review.)

The first part of the drama were the happiest (so cherish it while you can especially Episode 7) moments in W. Although there have been conflicts already, like Kang Chul knowing his true being, I still considered it as the happiest moments. Because after that, the story gets heavier and heavier.

During this part, the story is building up - Kang Chul said Oh Yeon Joo is the key to his life which made Oh Yeon Joo come back and forth from the real world to the webtoon. Oh Yeon Joo knowing all the things about Kang Chul, she decided not to tell him about it and continued lying about her existence. But eventually, Kang Chul found out and was able to go to the real world and met Oh Seung Moo, Yeon Joo's father and at the same time the author of W.

Slowly shifting to the next part, Oh Yeon Joo suddenly became the heroine of the webtoon since he married Kang Chul (in papers) so that she could get out of the prison. Although they may not be real couples, they still showed affection and love towards one another.

The next part of the drama are the heaviest because the killer finally revealed himself. There were a lot of fighting, gun shooting, hiding, almost dying on these episodes. But the most painful, for me, is the forgetting part wherein the story reset and Kang Chul no longer recognizes Oh Yeon Joo. How frustrating it is that the person you once shared happy moments with no longer have those memories.

This is why I liked the story. I'm a person who enjoys getting a lot of emotional pain. I can't really count how many times I have cried in this drama until the very last episode.

The artwork

As a Multimedia Artist and a frustrated manga artist, I am very much satisfied with the illustrations presented in the drama. If only it was a real manhwa, I would have both all the books of it. The manhwa characters really look similar with the original casts which makes it really interesting. I would really want to meet the artists who drew these characters.

The funny extras

Dr. Park is probably my favorite extra in this drama. He represents me as I am watching it. All his reactions with what is happening in the drama is a common reaction of a real fanboy. He shows how disappointed he is or how happy he is with the webtoon. Like us, there are times we get disappointed with a certain story but there are also times where we like it.

Aside from him, I also like Soo Bong, tho I don't really know if he is counted as an extra because he still played a great role there. I just love how he overreacts on things. I also like how he wears glasses without lenses. Well, I just find it funny.

Lee Jong Suk's and Han Hyo Joo's chemistry

I like Lee Jong Suk and as a typical fangirl, there are times where I don't like his on-screen partner. But with Han Hyo Joo, I wouldn't even care if they'll end up in real life. I really love their chemistry even if Han Hyo Joo is older than Lee Jong Suk. As much as possible, I still prefer the guy older than the girl. But the two of them changed my perspective.

As long as they look good for me, then that's it! Lee Jong Suk's and Han Hyo Joo's pairing will always be one of my favorites.

Kang Chul himself

While watching it for the second time, I finally know who I really love. Although I am a fan of Lee Jong Suk, I can say that I love Kang Chul more than him. Just like some other girls out there, Kang Chul is the perfect (IMAGINATION) partner one can ever have. He is handsome, intelligent, kind, rich, and funny at some times. Not only that, he is also good in fighting, in handling business, in fashion, everything. He's just perfect.

I compared my love for Kang Chul and with other Lee Jong Suk's characters and definitely, I'm falling in love with his character Kang Chul more.

Things I somehow disliked with W: Two Worlds

The ending

When I first watched it, I was really really really disappointed with the ending. Although I'm happy that they ended up with each other (which I really like), but I felt like there could be something more. The ending seemed so fast paced. It's like they squeezed everything to the last episode.

Plus, I also researched about it. The writer has written different endings for it. And the one the ending they choose - Kang Chul comes to the real world and tells Oh Yeon Joo that his father stayed in the webtoon (just like what he wished for). But in the series, Kang Chul just gave the photo of Oh Seung Moo to Yeon Joo without any explanation which made me think that Yeon Joo knew that his father disappeared.

I was expecting more for its ending. It's not that memorable for me. The flow of the story is very intriguing yet the ending is very predictable. But anyway, I still love W.

Conclusions and Lessons

Life will always give us problems

It's not always a happy moment. There will come a time where we'll experience a lot of hardships. Sometimes, we don't even know why. Although we may feel that it is unfair, we can always ask why. And instead of just giving in to the problem, let's fight the problem.

Mistakes happen

Kang Chul admitted how stupid he was during the first part of the story and mentioned that he will never do the same mistake again. Instead of letting his emotions act, he thinks first.

A parent's love will always be on top

Just how we see at the ending of W, Yeon Joo's father sacrificed himself for Yeon Joo's sake. He rather disappear so that Yeon Joo will spend the rest of her life with Kang Chul. No matter how much he hated his own work, he realized that Kang Chul is a good choice for Yeon Joo and that he will take care of her no matter what happens.

There will never be a perfect drama - YET. There will be flaws. But the thing is, as long as the writer and the director are very satisfied with what they have made, I guess that's the most important thing. If you're proud of your work, it will still be the best.

If you love watching dramas that are heavy to the heart, W is one of my most recommended dramas.

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