A Fangirl’s Heart in Feedspot Top 20 Korean Lifestyle Blog

March 30, 2020

This is definitely a good start for my blog. If you have read my About page, I have started blogging since 2009. But since I was not that much aware of what blogging really is, I keep on stopping. In 2014, I decided to blog again with “Musician Traveller” as my blog’s name. But as I was reading my blogs, I decided to rebrand into my current – A Fangirl’s Heart.

While I was checking on some other Korean Lifestyle blogs, I saw Feedspot website. I just randomly submitted my website link and to my surprise I received an email few days later saying that my blog is now part of Feedspot Top 20 Korean Lifestyle Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020.

There are a lot of Korean Lifestlye bloggers out there and I never thought that I will be part of a list with these bloggers. With this, I am really inspired to write more informative blogs about my fangirling life, travels, food I get to eat, and anything under the K-community and fangirling.

Just a little background of A Fangirl’s Heart

In 2017, I opened a Facebook page “A Fangirl’s Heart”. The main reason? My parents and friends get mad when I post my “fangirling” stuff on my own Facebook account. Simply because they are not into the K-culture. So instead of posting my fangirl feels on my wall, I decided to create this page which became my spazzing platform.

A Fangirl’s Heart started growing and a lot of people are appreciating the posts there. In 2018, I have finally decided that A Fangirl’s Heart will not only be my spazzing platform, it will also serve as my blog page where I share news, reviews, travels, and food blogs (anything related with the K-culture). In 2019, I transferred to this domain www.afangirlsheart.com (before were musiciantraveller.com then iamdelosreyes.com).

Now, I’m trying to do my best to be updated on this blog. I have goals for this blog and will really try to reach these step by step. Being part of Feedspot Top 20 Korean Lifestyle Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020 is one step to reach my goal. That’s why I’m very thankful for them.

To know more about Feedspot, you may check their website or email them at team@feedspot.com.

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