The Blogger

Hi! I am Ruth Leen De Los Reyes (Ruthie or Ruth), the owner of A Fangirl's Heart. I ain't really a writer by profession but I have this passion for writing and sharing my experiences to the world even if the world isn't listening. I am a Multimedia Arts graduate, an only child, a friend, a singer-composer, a frustrated writer, photographer, illustrator, and most especially, a FANGIRL.

Blogging was really a part of me even before. I started way way before, I can't even remember when I started. Probably, 2009? But at a young age who doesn't know anything in this world, I keep on stopping. The only blogsite I can still retrieve now is my former Tumblr account, Unheard Melody. It's fun to read all my previous blogs there. Last 2015, I decided to blog again and this time, for real.

The Blog

At first, this blog was named as "Musician Traveller" since I was in a rush to choose a name for myself. But as I post and read all my blogs, I decided to change it into "A Fangirl's Heart". The title now suits more than the previous title.

A Fangirl's Heart is a blog which serves as my online diary as well as a spazzing platform where I share all my feels and love for KPOP, KDrama, food, travel, and everything under my fangirl life. In this blog, I will be sharing to you the concerts / fan meetings / conventions that I attended, my KPOP haul, my covers or even vlogs.

Under the Lifestyle category,

Beauty/Fashion - this is where I'll be putting some reviews on the make-ups or skin care products that I use. I may also post some of my OOTDs (but seriously, I barely do OOTDs). I am not really that much of a fan of make ups and skin care products because I'm lazy. But I'm really trying my best to fix myself.

Food - I love eating, especially in different Korean restaurant. I will be blogging about a new restaurant that I have discovered or a new menu that I have tried. Any food, not technically Korean food.

Travel - since I told myself that I will travel outside the country at least once a year, I will be putting my experiences here too. I hope that I can have more time travelling (and more money to travel lol).

Collection - this is where I'll show you my new merch. It's more of an unboxing blog. But it's not limited with the KPOP and KDrama merch that I bought. It can also be gifts from the brands. Unboxing videos can be seen on my Youtube Channel.

Personal - this category is more of my diary, my story. If there's something I wanted to share about life or just update people on how I am doing, what my goals are, this is the place you can visit.

Under the Entertainment category,

TV and Movies - this is where I'll be sharing my reviews on a certain drama or movie that I have watched. As of now, I have been reviewing KDramas and KMovies or PH movies that is still related with Korea. I may try reviewing some Chinese dramas and movies soon. But we'll see. My reviews are not really on the technical side but my reviews are mostly my feels about the film/series.

Features - Features are mostly the contents I create for my page. Example: 4 Korean Groups that I stanned because of their Music, DAY6 says it's okay to be slow, etc. I am still working with the features that I will be writing but I am planning to write a lot.

Events - this is where I write my post-event articles or articles about promoting a certain event.

News and Updates - I also want this website to serve as an updates site for the fans therefore I decided to add this whenever there are updates in the Hallyu world. But keep in mind that I usually post updates about my favorite people.

Press Release - because sometimes I receive some press releases and asked to be posted on my blog, I decided to add this category so that people will see these press releases.

I will really appreciate it if you'll read my blogs, share and even leave a comment on it. Please do put credits when taking out anything in this blog. Pictures in this blog are mine unless stated. Please put credits when using them.

Thank you for making time reading this. I will update this from time to time.

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