Visiting Gamcheon Culture Village

March 18, 2020

Beautiful and colorful houses. Different art murals. The Little Prince. You might probably has seen these on an episode of "Running Man". Or maybe on your friend's Facebook account. If you're wondering what this place is called, this is the Gamcheon Culture Village.

Whenever I hear the word Busan, there are three things that enter into my mind. First, of course the blockbuster movie "Train to Busan". Second, the Haeundae Beach. And third, The Little Prince located at the Gamcheon Culture Village.

You might now know, but I'm a huge fan of The Little Prince. And because of that, I really wanted to visit Gamcheon Culture Village when I go to Korea. Finally last October 2019, I got to visit here through the ACH Invitation Program.

About Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon Culture Village is an area in Busan, South Korea famous for its steep streets, alleys full of art murals and sculptures, and colorful Lego-like houses. The place was actually renovated so that it can attract more tourists. The Village is known to be "Machu Picchu of Busan" because the houses were build on a steep mountain-side slope.

Now, you can also see different souvenir stores, café, food, and event clothes rental here.

203, Gamnae 2-ro, Saha-gu, Busan
부산광역시 사하구 감내2로 203 (감천동)

For more details, you may visit their website (unfortunately it's only in the Korean language).

How to go to Gamcheon Culture Village

If you're currently in Seoul, you have to take a train (KTX) going to Busan. It's probably around 3 hours of travel. Once you have arrived in Busan, here is how you can go to the Village:

1. Ride the subway to Toseong Station and take exit 6. You can see a bus stop.
2. Hop on to bus with number 2 or 2-2.
3. Alight at the Gamcheon Culture Village

My unforgettable experience

I was very excited when I knew that we're going to Gamcheon Culture Village. Like what I mentioned earlier, I am a huge fan of The Little Prince. One of my ultimate goals is to have a photo with the statue of the Little Prince located at that village. But aside from that, I like to see the beautiful art murals and also the colorful houses.

When we entered the village, this artwork caught my attention. It is made of painted woods formed into a fish shape. I have been seeing this from my friends' photos. Seeing this in person definitely has a different feeling. I was able to check each artworks on the woods - different designs, different styles. This made me want to try doing a mini version of this. But we'll see. If time permits.

Before we go on our own, we decided to have a group photo first. I'm not quite sure what time we arrived here. All I know was it was in the afternoon. It was a bit cold but I really loved the weather during that time.

The first location that we (the PH team) went to was somewhere at the top of the building to have a better view of the whole village.

I felt like I was looking at Lego houses formed together. It was too beautiful for my eyes. I actually wanted to stay a bit longer there but we have to go to the Little Prince since for sure there will be a lot of tourists lining up to have a photo there.

We continued walking more until we reached the Little Prince. To be very honest, if there were no lines, I would have not noticed the Little Prince there. The line wasn't that long when we arrived there, which is a good thing. And here are my photos:

It's just so sad that the fox was not included on these photos. But anyway, I still plan on returning to Gamcheon Culture Village soon so I'll get another chance to have a photo with it.

Aside from these, there are a lot of interactive mural paintings where you can enjoy and be creative while posing.

In there, you can actually see a lot of stores - either it's a souvenir shop or a cafe or a food shop. I love to taste the snacks. Unfortunately, I left my bag inside our bus since I do not want to have something with me aside from my phone and camera.

But I still thank Ms. Jay for lending me money so that I can buy a tote bag with the Little Prince design and the name Busan. (I forgot to take a photo of it. I will update it once I done it. I left it in Manila so I cannot take a photo now.)

So I just took a photo with some of the items being sold there.

Flower headbands costs around 3000 won or around Php150. These items were really cute.

We only roamed around there for a few hours that's why I wasn't able to go to other alleys of this village. It would be nice if you can spend half a day there just to check out everything the place has to offer.

On my next return here, I promise I'll try the clothes rental, some of their snacks, and buy more souvenirs.

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