Female KPOP Songs for International Women's Month

March 08, 2020

March is known to be the International Women's Month wherein it is dedicated to celebrate every women's achievements in whatever aspects of life. It is also a time where we (females) give encouragement to our fellow girls.

On this women's month, I'll be sharing to you some of my favorite Women Empowering KPOP songs presented to us by our favorite female solo artists and groups.

Woman by BoA

To start with my playlist, BoA's Woman is the first on the line. Released last October 24, 2018, Woman is a groovy pop track which tells people (especially to women) how good it feels to be a woman. This song is all about a confident woman who focuses on her strengths instead of her weaknesses.

During her showcase in Seoul, BoA mentioned that there are times women feel discouraged and lack confidence. So she wanted to create a song with a message about finding each woman's definition of beauty and not the society's definition.


"Don't measure me by your standard alone. I love being myself. I'm nobody else."

JYP's newest girl group, ITZY, has definitely showed that they are different from others when they released their debut MV, Dalla Dalla. Released last February 11, 2019, Dalla Dalla is an electropop song which encourages people to be yourself. It tells us that it doesn't matter if we are not conforming to the standards of the society as long as we are sure of who we are and what we can do. Being different can sometimes be a good thing.

I Don't Need A Man by miss A

"I can be good without a man."

How inspiring it is that this song is really for every independent woman out there. In the world's standard, woman, if not always most of the time, are underestimated. They think that we can't live without a man, that a man will be the one providing us with money. The world is changing. Women can provide for themselves even without the help of a man.

Miss A's song "I Don't Need a Man" is a great representation of independent women in the world and why people should be proud of it.

Superwoman by Minzy

Superwoman is about Minzy's personal experiences, how she experienced different kinds of hardships, how she cried, fell down, yet stood up again. These experiences made her a superwoman.

Minzy wanted to tell everyone out there that life may be hard but we should keep on going because we are strong and we can definitely do it. Just like how the song says, "Every time I wanted to cry, I got up again." Cry if you must but make sure to stand up again, wipe those tears and prove the world that you can do it.


Yes I Am by MAMAMOO is probably one of the best songs for women out there.

"If I were to describe myself, I'm a confident woman." This is MAMAMOO's message to all the girls out there. This song says that we don't really have to follow the trends of the world. We just have to be confident with ourselves, even if we have flaws. 

Girls like Us by TWICE

"Girls, do what you want. You're doing the right way."

From TWICE's Fancy You album, "Girls like Us" is a song written by their leader, Jihyo, who wants to encourage other females to dream and to direct their life how they wanted it to be. It also reminds everyone that you are not alone in this journey. Your fellow female is there to help you, and run with you.

Solo by Jennie

When we first heard the news of Jennie will be releasing her solo song, which has a title of SOLO, we thought that it was a song about her going on a solo career. But it's not. Solo is a song about leaving a relationship that is no longer happy.

There are times in our lives where we thought we can no longer shine bright if our lover has left us. But Jennie proved that she even shined brighter by going solo.

Make sure to add these songs to your playlists! Do you still have songs about women empowerment? Share with us on the comments. Happy International Women's day dear fangirls!

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