Noona Fan Attended NCT DREAM SHOW in Manila Unexpectedly + Memorable Moments

March 03, 2020

First of all, I am not posting this one to boast, instead, I am posting it to share how thankful I am for this unexpected happening.

Last 2019, NCT Dream first came to Manila for the Friendship Concert which was held at the MOA Arena. I was lucky enough to see them, not only on stage, but also during the press conference. One of the most memorable happenings there was Jaemin (my bias) looked and smiled at my camera.

Early this 2020 (if I am not mistaken), PULP Live World hass announced that NCT DREAM is coming back to Manila for their solo concert. And yes, this time, Haechan will be present. As you have noticed on the picture above, Haechan was not present because he was taking a break due to his injury.


I planned on not attending NCT Dream's concert in Manila. Main reason? I have no money to buy their ticket since Php 5,000 was the cheapest ticket price and I can only afford around Php 2,000. Since I already met them last 2019, I know I am already satisfied with it.

My plans for the weekend were to go to my classmate's house for a sleepover, meet my GOT7 Squad since one of us will be attending NCT Dream's concert, another sleepover with them, and the trip to Enchanted Kingdom with the GOT7 Squad.

But things did not go the way we planned. Because of the NCOV, one of my friends from GOT7 Squad (the same person who was suppose to watch NCT Dream) was not able to fly to Manila because her parents did not allow her. Because she was sad that she wouldn't be able to meet us (she's from Cebu by the way), she forgot everything about her ticket.

The next day, Saturday, we were chatting with each other until we reached the point were I asked her if she will not sell her ticket for NCT Dream. It costs her around Php 8,000+ and yet she won't get to attend.

But instead of selling the ticket, she just transferred it to me. Good thing TicketNet's ticket can be printed at home. She told me that it will just be her early graduation gift for me. It was already around 12nn by the time we have decided that I'll be attending on her behalf. Since the concert starts at 3PM, I immediately prepared myself and went straight to New Frontier Theater for the concert. Good thing, I arrived an hour earlier.

Memorable Moments during the Concert

There are actually a lot of memorable moments during the concert but I just chose my top three.

1. NCT Dream speaking Tagalog in the cutest way possible

I know NCT Dream is cute but I never knew they could be much cuter. My noona heart is definitely shaking at those moments. Not only did they speak Tagalog during their opening segment, but they keep on speaking Tagalog even at the very last segment which they barely did during Friendship Concert.

2. NCT Dream showcasing their talents

We all know how talented these boys are. But they proved that they could go higher than that. Haechan's high notes are still playing inside my head. This was the first time I heard Haechan's high notes live and yes, he is singing them live.

Another one was Chenle's piano skills. When he was doing some embellishments, I suddenly remembered the time I used to play the piano. I can say that he is way better than me. I would love to attend Chenle's piano recital if that happens one day.

Another talent that I saw was Jaemin's ability to create and produce his own video. During the last part of the concert, Jaemin mentioned that he has a gift for the fans and it was a video that he made himself. Although some parts of the video had sound problems, I still enjoyed its concept.

I also noticed Renjun's acting skills during the VCRs. I hope one day I'll get to see him on a web drama or even a TV drama.

3. NCT Dream melting my heart because of their visuals

I am a Jaemin-biased when I entered New Frontier Theater but my baby Jisung caught my attention the whole concert. He's growing up too well! I can't believe that he was that cute child in Chewing Gum. To be honest, he was the most handsome for me that night.

But still, I'll end up with my original bias, Jaemin. His smile will always pull me back. That smile was the main reason why I ended up liking him so much. Just a backstory, the members that I was really looking forward to see was Jeno and Jisung because they are known to be the "Little EunHae". But when Chewing Gum was released, Jaemin's smile caught me.

I don't know if I'll get to see them again soon, and I don't know if there will be a new line-up of NCT Dream soon, but still I'm thankful that I have met them and been able to be a part of this concert.

Super thankful for Ate Chol for giving me her ticket instead of selling it to me. I am sad that you weren't able to see NCT Dream (and of course, US, GOT7 Squad T_T), but I know God has a better plan. See you next year in Korea!

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