SMTOWN Coex: A Must Visit for SM Stans

February 22, 2020

I started being a KPOP fan, probably around 2010, and the first group that I ever stanned is Super Junior. Because Super Junior is under SM Entertainment, SME has been the first ever entertainment that I recognized. In fact, I was an SM stan in the first four years of my KPOP journey.

Although I am no longer an SM stan (but I still love my babies), visiting SMTOWN Coex has been one of my most unforgettable experience. It brought back the wonderful memories. I actually visited SMTOWN Coex twice already and this will be my first time writing a blog focusing on this.

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The first time I visited it was during my May 2019 trip. The second one was during the ACH Invitation program - and this is when I got to enter the museum which I will show you more later.

Details about SMTown COEX

SMTown COEX is known to be the “theme park in the city,” where it has six floors which consists of merchandise, store, cafe, museum, etc. Before going there, it's either you bring lots of money or not because you might get tempted with all the merchandise sold there.

Open Hours: 11:00 - 22:00 KST
Admission Fee: If you don't plan on visiting the museum, theater, or buying from the cafe and merch, then the admission is free. However, if you plan to visit the places I mentioned earlier, then you need to buy a ticket before entering.
SMTown Museum - 18,000KRW (offline), 16,200 KRW (online), 9,000 KRW (discounted)
Theatre: 77,000KRW
Hologram: 44,000KRW (these details are from their website)

You can go to the Artium by riding the subway to Samseong Station (Line 2) and go to exit 5 or 6.

What are the activities you can see on every floor?

Like what I have mentioned earlier, it is a 6-floor building. On the first floor, you can just see an escalator going up with videos of your favorite SM Stars on the side. Literally, just an entrance to it.

On the second floor up until the fourth (I guess? Not quite sure), you'll start seeing the costumes and awards of the artists.

Not only that, on the second floor, you can buy your favorite merchandises. They have this SMTOWN &Store there where they offer official and some limited merchandises of SM Artists. If you love collecting merch, then good luck to you my friend. You'll definitely spend a lot of money here.

SM Town Museum is located at the third floor. In this museum, you can see and learn more about your favorite artists. You can see there how albums were produced, what the artists wore on a certain era, never-before-seen photos of the artists, and a museum shop. Not only that, you can also have a picture with your fave artists (ehem, just a holo something haha).

Their cafe is located on the fourth floor. I honestly haven't tried any drinks or pastry there and I plan to try one on my next visit. Look how aesthetically pleasing and IG worthy this cafe is!

On the fifth floor, the SMTown Theater can be seen. They offer a of shows like hologram concerts, musicals, plays, etc. You can also buy there concert merchandises. But most of all were sold out already when we visited.

The last floor, the sixth floor, it is still under construction. There's only a few things you can see there like the artworks of the fans and the VR thingy which isn't working yet. You can also claim your tax refund on this floor.

So that's pretty much it! The thing that I enjoyed the most was their museum since I was able to see and know more about the artists. I also got to have a photo with NCT Dream's Jeno and Jisung through the virtual photo station.

I also had a photo with Super Junior but I forgot to take a photo of it. I might update this post once I have done it.

Meanwhile, at the outside of SM Town Coex, you can also see the handprints of your favorite SM Stars.

P.S. During my last visit here, I saw TXT outside the building. They were doing their VLive.

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