Itaewon Class has a Promising Start

February 02, 2020

If you have read some of my KDRAMA reviews, you'll probably know how much I hate watching on-going series because I don't like waiting for the next episode. But let Itaewon Class be an exception.

Ever since news about Itaewon Class were released, I have been waiting for it. Not only because of its casts but also because it will be a live adaptation of the famous webtoon with the same title. I badly want to see how they will make those characters to life.

According to Nielsen Korea, the pilot episode garnered a 5.0% viewership rating nationwide and 5.3% on the second episode. This only shows how a lot of people are interested already in this drama. Hope it even get higher ratings on the next episodes!

Itaewon Class Episode 1 and 2 Recap

Itaewon Class is a story of a boy named Park Saero Yi who decides to live his life based on what he thinks is right - his belief. He learned it from his father.

The series started with a girl, Jo Yi Seo, having a counselling session. She is telling how she feels like life is a chore.

One day, Park Saero Yi and his father had to transfer places because of his father's work. So, he also transferred school. On the first day of school, Park Saero Yi already made a scene by punching the chairman's son, Jang Geun Won, because he was bullying one of their classmates. The chairman was his father's boss.

He went to their school and asked him that if he kneels and ask for apology, he wouldn't be expelled. But since he stands with what he believes, he didn't ask for an apology and was expelled. His father, on the other hand, decided to resign and create his own restaurant.

Park Saero Yi eventually became friends with the girl in the orphanage named Oh Soo Ah. In the earlier scenes, they were actually not in good terms. Everything seems to be going so well in their lives until one accident changed it all.

Park Saero Yi's father got into an accident and died. During the funeral wake, police officers went to meet Park Saero Yi to update him about their investigation. A man has claimed that he was the one who hit his father. Upon seeing the photos of the car, Oh Soo Ah told him that it was Jang Geun Won's car.

Due to anger, Saero Yi looked for Geun Won and found him in the hospital. He was so mad that he punched him many times until he decided to hit Geun Won's head with a rock. Good thing, Soo Ah and the police officers arrived on time and stopped Saero Yi from committing murder. Because of what he did, he was sent to jail. The chairman gave him another chance that if he would kneel and ask for forgiveness, they will no longer push with the case. But Saero Yi was firm. He went to prison for 3 years.

After 3 years, he was released and went to Itaewon to meet Oh Soo Ah. In Itaewon, there are different kinds of people. Plus, it is a happy place where people get to celebrate Halloween too. After meeting Oh Soo Ah, he said that he will be a seaman for 7 years and after that he will be having his own restaurant in Itaewon.

And just like what he said, Saero Yi did it.

My Thoughts

The first two episodes of this series has been really promising. Park Seo Jun's acting is superb. With just how he looks, you will already feel the emotion he's feeling. Like what I have tweeted after watching the first two episodes, it's just the second month of the year yet Park Seo Jun is already claiming his awards. He honestly deserve this role.

I never read the webtoon so I don't know what will happen in this drama. But I'm already looking forward for it. I can't wait to see more of the upcoming casts. Will they bring luck, happiness, or misfortune to Saero Yi? What lessons will be learned by the end of this series? We never know!

How about you? Have you watched it? What are your thoughts?

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