My unforgettable meeting with Kim Myung Soo

January 31, 2020

It took me quite a while to finish writing this blog because I still can’t find the right words to explain how I truly felt that night. To be very honest, I never expected this kind of blessing. All I wanted was just to see Kim Myung Soo and be able to touch his hand.

Pre-Fanmeet Story

I was still a bit hyped during mid-2019 because I just finished Kim Myung Soo’s latest drama, “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”.It was the first Kim Myung Soo drama that I watched. I am not a fan of Infinite, although I know them. I was never a fan of Kim Myung Soo, too, because I felt like he was too overrated and too handsome that a lot of people already like him.

Read my review here: Angel's Last Mission: Love

But somehow, I ate everything I said in the past. I fell in love with Kim Myung Soo with that drama. Few months later, CDM Entertainment just announced that Kim Myung Soo is having his fan meeting in Manila this 2020. And since I am a new fan, I wanted to see him badly.

Ticketing day was the same day as DAY6 Gravity in Manila. Good thing, CDM offered help to those who cannot buy on TicketNet outlets and online. So, they were the one who helped me buy my ticket. Since I was not that prepared with his fan meeting, I just bought the cheapest ticket. The important thing is that all tickets have hitouch. So, I’ll still get to meet him closely.

A few weeks later, a friend of mine from Myung Soo’s local fanbase messaged me if I know someone who can edit a video. I don’t know what entered my mind, but I volunteered to do their video -something that stressed me a lot during the Holiday vacation. Not because I don’t know how to make a video, but because I was too pressured that I must make a beautiful video.

After all the crashing of my laptop programs, crying at night because it took hours before it finishes rendering, everything went well. It was approved by the management and somehow, I felt a bit relieved. Now, I can just focus on attending the fan meeting.

Days before the fan meeting, I was contacted by CDM Entertainment asking if I could be their photographer for the fan meeting. And without any hesitation, I said yes. And that caused another stress on my part. First reason – I can’t be a fan that night. Second reason – I won’t get to hitouch Kim Myung Soo. Third reason – this will be my first Korean event as a main photographer, so it means, I really need to do a good job.


I arrived at Cubao around 12:30PM. I went to Novotel first to attend Kim Myung Soo’s press conference under Philippine Concerts. While waiting for Kim Myung Soo, the feels are already rising to my heart. I am excited to see him. A few minutes later, he arrived. And girl, I was really amazed with his visuals. His skin tone was different from other Korean artists I met. I can’t really stop smiling ever since he entered.

Here are some of the photos that I took during the press conference. Check out Philippine Concerts’ post-event article too.

After the press conference, I decided to meet my friends and have lunch with them at Kko Kko, just near New Frontier Theater. And guess what, Kim Myung Soo just passed by not only once, but twice. He has bodyguards with him but he keeps on roaming around the place.

Few hours later, the fans started entering the venue and the fan meeting started. I will no longer write what happened during the fan meet since I wasn't focusing that much. I was just taking photos.

There's just one rant that I wanted to post here. A lot of people say that looking young is a good thing. But in my case, no. It's not a good thing. The bodyguards, the Koreans, and a lot of people question my credibility. It's as if I am not worthy of being a photographer because I look young, and I look like a fan. If that will be the mindset of people, then I will no longer be hired.

But good thing, CDM Entertainment doesn't look at the physical appearance but on the quality of work. That's why I appreciate them so much.

Anyway, during the fan project VCR. I was a bit nervous. But Myungsoo suddenly sang to the background music. And my heart melted. He even said that it was a beautiful video. To be honest, I was not satisfied with what I did. I mean, I know I can do more if only I have enough resources. But I'm happy that he liked it and it was successful.

A fan-made video was also shown on screen that showed Pinoy fans’ love for him. Fans also held banners that read “The wait is over. I am coming to you now,” a project of fan bases Infinite PH-Beyond Infinite PH, Kim Myungsoo Philippines and MyungYeol Philippines. He described it as “beautiful video. Thank you for the love you’ve shown me.” - Manila Bulletin

Okay. Fast forward to the end of the fan meeting. Because Taal Volcano erupted, the fan benefits were a bit fast than the usual because we have to make sure that everybody can go home safe. At the end of all the photo opportunity, I GOT A SELFIE WITH KIM MYUNG SOO.


Super thankful to Ate Mina and CDM Entertainment for giving me the opportunity to be their official photographer tonight. Back story: After ALL the photo ops, kuya wilson (the other official photog) and I suddenly joked. "Us? Us?" Jokingly asking Kim Myungsoo for a photo with us. Then he went near us and said "come on come on"


Before the start of the fan meeting, I was sad because I won't get to have hitouch with Kim Myungsoo. But I ended up having a photo with him. Oh and not to mention, he was actually hugging me that time. Complete package. I don't know what to feel that time. I am happy. Very happy. But also, I feel a little guilt since I am just a new fan and I don't know if I deserve this.

The things that I never experienced with some of my favorite artists, I got to experience with Kim Myung Soo. And I am more than thankful for that. It will truly be an unforgettable moment and I will treasure it forever!

Before I end this blog, here is one of the photos that I submitted to CDM Entertainment. I still don't know when will they upload my other photos, so I cannot upload them here unless they have uploaded it already. But they have uploaded this one already.

Until we meet again, Myung Soo! Thank you so much CDM Entertainment, Philippine Concerts, and my friends, WUL, Han, Dan and Em!

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