KDRAMA Review: Psychopath Diary

January 30, 2020

I've been really wanting to watch another Yoon Shi Yoon comedy-drama series. Ever since 2D1N had its hiatus, I barely see updates from Yoon Shi Yoon. Although he had two dramas in 2019, I didn't watch his "Nokdu Flower" since I am not much of a sageuk fan. So, I'm really looking forward to watch Psychopath Diary.

And just like what I said in my other reviews, I always watch dramas that are already done so that I no longer need to wait for the next episode.


Title: Psychopath Diary (싸이코패스 다이어리)
Episodes: 16 episodes (around 1 and a half hour per episode)
Airing Period: November 20, 2019 - January 9, 2020
Main Characters:

Yoon Shi Yoon as Yoon Dong Shik
Jung In Sun as Shim Bo Kyung
Park Sung Hoon as Seo In Woo

Plot: This drama is all about a guy named Dong Shik who works at a brokerage company and has a timid personality. He is the type of person who keeps on saying sorry. One night, when he decided to kill himself, he witnessed a murder and accidentally got the murderer's diary. He ran away from the crime scene, unfortunately, was hit by a police car (drove by Bo Kyung), and suffered from an amnesia. Because he has the diary, he thought that he was the one who wrote it and he considered himself as the serial killer.

Things I like about Psychopath Diary

Relatable lines

This was probably the reason why I immediately got hooked with Shi Yoon's character in this drama. He is a kind person, too kind that he can't easily say no even if he wanted to. I suddenly thought about myself. Well, I can't say that I am kind (though a lot of people say it) but I am also the type of person who can't easily say no. The things that I wanted to say, Dong Shik just said it in one go.

Sometimes, I also feel lost. I don't know where to go. And I just simply want to disappear. In this drama, Dong Shik feels lost because his mind is telling him that what he knows is not really who he is. He thinks that he is a serial killer because of the diary but he is just a kind office man. 

No love story involved

With this type of drama, the first thing that I feared of before watching is having a love story included in the plot. Like the main fell in love with each other only to found out that they were lying... some sort of that kind of plot. I can still remember the drama "Remember: The War of Son (2015) starring Park Min Young and Yoo Seung Ho. I like the plot of that story but suddenly they included the love story between them which made me hated it.

For me, if the love story is not really needed, then why add? That's what I liked in this drama. They just stayed with their plot.

The other characters - Family and Friends

When Dong Shik confesses to the world that he is the serial killer (wherein he is really not), his family still knows the real Dong Shik. They didn't even doubt him and continue to believe that he is a good man.

At first, I really hated them. They are the type of people who only thinks of themselves and wanted other people to take blame. Yes, they have a reason for doing it. But that doesn't mean they really have to do it. But what made me like them? Is the fact that they still believed that Dong Shik is innocent. They knew the truth and eventually helped.

The writers were really good in showing how his family and friends got mad at Dong Shik and also took advantage of him. And at the end, they showed their love for him.

Yoon Shi Yoon x Heo Sung Tae Tandem

The two of them have worked together in the series "Your Honor". That's why I am also happy to see them again here. This time, they are a duo and not rivals. The funny thing is that, Heo Sung Tae was able to remove the serious mood in him and became a funny one in this drama.

The Whole Plot

When I first read the plot of this drama, I immediately got hooked with it. A guy with amnesia thought he was a serial killer... I find it really cool and unique. Although this is not the kind of hard-mystery thriller type of drama, I still enjoyed it. The drama was able to show both the dark and bright sides of life.

Not only that, I also liked how they made Dong Shik be a great person because of the films that he has watched. It only shows that watching films and dramas isn't a bad thing. We can learn a lot from these.

Conclusion & Lesson

You might have wondered why I didn't put any "Things I didn't like" in this drama. It's just because I didn't find anything that I didn't like. I liked EVERYTHING about this drama. Although I can say that this drama isn't the type of drama that I will really remember forever, it still gave me a good time.

If you really want to have a good laugh, I highly suggest that you watch this drama. It's really a fun one.

And before I end this blog, this is probably the best line that I got in this drama. Which is probably the thing that I really needed.

Just like how Dong Shik never gave up in clearing his name, let us also not give up with life. There may be times where we feel that life isn't worth living, or there are just times were we wanted to give up, but, you, reading this right now means you still haven't given up, and I also thank you for it.

Life will be hard, I'm telling you, but let's continue to move forward. Continue to be kind to people and blessings will come to you.

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