Unboxing: X1 Official Membership Kit

January 18, 2020

January 17, 2020, I received my X1 Official Membership Kit which I ordered last July 29, 2019. It took a long time, right? Well, since it was just released and produced at a later date, it was also shipped a bit late. And you know, there were even some issues that happened with X1.

But anyway, I am not gonna talk about that here. What I'm going to talk about is how the X1 Official Membership Kit looks like and how I was able to order it even if I am an international fan. It is actually my first time joining this kind of membership thing, so I also had a hard time figuring things out.


This is how to membership kit looks like on the outside. It's a pink box with the words ONE IT and X1, along with the words that X1 describes us fans. In the middle, you can see the blue membership card. In the membership card, your full name, birthday, and ID Number were written at the bottom. It only means that it's really yours.

Once you open the pink box, you can see a rectangular blue tin can. And the words written there where the same as the pink box. Here are the inclusions of the fan kit.








Check out my unboxing video here:


Before ordering the membership kit, you need to be part of their fancafe. Most Korean artists uses Daum, while some like JYP Artists have their own JYP Fans. Make sure to check which platform your favorite artist is using. For this blog, I'll use Daum since that's where X1's fancafe is.

1. Sign-up to Daum

I will be creating a separate post about this hopefully soon, but for the mean time, I found a good tutorial

2. Register at your favorite artist's fancafe.

In my case, this is the link of the fancafe: https://cafe.daum.net/X1official/. Make sure to check the link of the fancafe on the SNS accounts of your favorite artists. Unfortunately, since the disbandment news of X1, I can no longer access the fancafe. I don't know if they have closed it already because I wasn't updated with anything recently.

3. Register on Interpark

Some actually had a hard time registering on Interpark. But a good news for International fans, there is a Global Interpark which is in English. So signing up won't be a problem.

NOTE: Make sure that your name in Interpark is the same name in Daum so you won't have any problems with leveling up to the fancafe. When creating a password in Interpark, make sure that it contains a number and a special character (example '$', '#', '~'). Maximum is 15 characters.

4. Buy the official membership

Once everything is all set, visit the Interpark Tickets and look for the membership recruitment. You can see a BUY TICKET button there. Just follow the instructions and put your details.

In my case, I used a direct shipping from South Korea to the Philippines. So instead of going to a Korean address (which some fans do to have a cheaper shipping fee), I decided to just have it directly shipped to me.

In terms of payments, they usually accept credit cards. There will be 2 options - the Korean and Foreign Credit Card. Make sure to choose the foreign credit card, unless your card came from Korea.

5. And you're done! Just wait for it to arrive to you.


1. How much does the membership cost?

In my case, the overall total amount that I paid is 58,000 KRW which is around 2,600PHP. The actual price of the membership kit is 30,000KRW and the shipping fee costs 28,000 KRW.

2. What if I have no credit card?

Upon checking some people's tweets about their experiences, debit cards are accepted as long as they have Mastercard or Visa on it. So I guess, online cards like Paymaya may work? I am not so sure with Paymaya though. But, debit cards with Mastercard or Visa will work.

If you don't have any cards, you need to borrow from your parents or friends.

3. How long do I have to wait for me to receive my kit?

It actually depends on the company. Some have faster production of kits, while some takes a longer time. But usually it will really take half a year from the start of your registration to shipping to your house. In my case, I waited for about 6 months.

I will be updating this blog post when I have extra time regarding some other details like how to sign up, etc. But basically, here are the things you need to know. If you still have some questions, just comment it and I will try to answer it as much as I can.

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