ONE ITs Still Fighting For X1 Even After Disbandment News

January 20, 2020

Probably one of the most shocking and heartbreaking news that KPOP fans, especially ONE ITs (X1's fandom name), received early 2020 was X1's disbandment. X1 is a South Korean boy group formed from MNET's Produce X 101. Debuting in August 2019, X1 proved that they are more than just a rookie group.

Even for a short promotion time, X1 has been rising up. They have placed No. 1 for a couple of times on different music shows. Not only that, they also have high ranks on Billboard's Artist 100, Social 50, World Albums and World Digital Song Sales chart. Their debut album Quantum Leap became the fourth-best-selling album in Korea.

However, due to the fabricating controversy of MNET's Produce X 101, the members' individual companies were not able to reach an agreement and decided to just disband the group. This left a lot of fans heartbroken, surprised, and upset.

A few minutes after the disbandment news broke, ONE ITs have created different hashtags like #BeWithX1 #FightforX1, etc. which trended worldwide. Aside from that, they also conducted different protest events like LED trucks and media ads.

Even after days since X1's sudden disbandment, the fans never left and continued to fight for X1. In fact, global and local fans joined forces and recently launched an ad at COEX Crown Media which was shown for more than 100 times from January 17 to January 19, 2020.

This protest was made so that the fans' voices be heard by CJ E&M, the media, and the members' agencies. ONE ITs are requesting for a new X1 - rebooting the group, it doesn't matter if they change their name and have a new agency. Not only that, they are also asking for a compensation for all the members for the damages that were done.

These recent happenings surely show how far the fans are willing to go for X1. It is truly tiring and devastating to experience such events but the fans continued to look toward their goal on protecting X1's wings and making sure they fly high.

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