Seoul Good! Korean Grill in SM Mall of Asia Food Hall

February 16, 2020

Last February 12, 2020, SM Mall of Asia finally opened their Food Hall which is located at the 3rd floor of the Main Mall just across the skating rink. It is big that's why it can occupy a lot of different restaurant tenants.

Since I'm currently on my internship at SM Hotels, which is just around MOA, we were able to visit the food hall and got to check out what it offers. What caught my attention was this Korean restaurant - Seoul Good! Korean Grill. Of course, I'm a K-enthusiast so what are you gonna expect?

What does Seoul Good offer?

For their Ala Carte (which means they have no rice), they offer Breaded Fish Katsu, Ebi Shrimp Fry, Beef Bulgogi, Korean Chicken BBq, Korean Crispy Chicken, Pork Kalbi, Beef Stew Kalbichim, and Kimchi Rice. It costs around P65 - P255.

If you want your meal to have rice, you can also try their K-Bowls. It costs around P199 - P200.

It's not complete without our favorite side dishes. Seoul Good offers a variety of side dishes - egg, corn, fish cake, japchae, mandu (K-dumpling), Kimchi Cabbage, Cucumber Kimchi, Macaroni Salad, Pajeon (K-Pancake), and Salad with Korean dressing. Price ranges from P20 - P90.

But the cool thing, they also offered a bento meal which includes your chosen meat, three side dishes, and rice. I tried their Bento Meal with Pork Kalbi as my meat and Fish Cake, Japchae, and Kimchi as my side dishes.

If you're also looking for a group meal, they also have a set for it. Their group meal has three meats, three side dishes, and a platter of kimchi rice for P835. It is good for 3-4 persons.

My Review

We actually lined for about 30 minutes since we went there lunch time. There were a lot of people lining up so it really took a while before we got our orders. I haven't seen the restaurant during normal hours so I don't know if it is also the same. Another reason why we had a long waiting time was because the lines were a bit messy. There was a staff getting orders at a certain place but another staff said that we can also line up inside.

For a person who usually eats meal with prices around P50 - P100, Seoul Good is definitely a bit expensive, but compared to other Korean restaurants, their prices were cheaper. Although it's a bit pricey, their meals can really satisfy your hunger and cravings. It has an authentic Korean taste which made me remember the food I ate when I visited Korea before. So when I am craving for Korean food like fish cakes, kalbi, etc., I can go to MOA and eat here. The servings were also big that's why I was really satisfied.

The thing that lacks from this restaurant is their drinks. The only drink that I noticed there was soju (which has never satisfied my thirst). It would have been better if they offered drinks, Iced Tea or Colas, that can be included in the meal.

For my overall experience, I really enjoyed Seoul Good's food and I am looking forward to taste other meats and side dishes they offer. Although I won't eat here everyday (maybe once a week) because I'll end up poor, I can still recommend this place. If you're just around MOA and is looking for a Korean restaurant, you can check out Seoul Good!

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