Chinese Drama 'Intense Love' Review and Reasons Why I Love It

June 18, 2020

Watching a lot of crime-action-investigation type of dramas recently made me really exhausted mentally and emotionally. And add the current situation I'm facing. I needed something to refresh my thoughts and feels. Good thing, a new Cdrama titled "Intense Love" was released. Upon watching the trailer, I already liked it especially the main leads.

About Intense Love

Intense Love is a Chinese romcom series which aired from May 2 to May 25 with 24 episodes that runs for about 45 minutes per episode. It is a story of a genius doctor and a famous actress whose marriage were arranged by their parents. Although both of them tried to defy it at first, they eventually fell in love with each other.

Ryan Ding, also known for his drama "Just an Encore", played the role of Dr. Zhou Shi Yun. Meanwhile, Zhang Yu Xi (from I Cannot Hug You) played the role of Su Jin Bei.


Reasons Why I Love "Intense Love"

Chill and Relaxing Drama

Intense Love has a cliche plot. There are a lot of dramas with stories like arranged marriage then ended up falling in love with each other. But what made me like this drama even if I hated cliche stories? It's because their love story is just so chill and relaxing. No big fights, no in-laws problems, no tear-jerking moments, just full of sweet love. Probably a love story you'll wish for.

Both of them are mature when in terms of their love life, although Su Jin Bei acts childish when she is in front of her manager and Shi Yun. They always try to understand each other's struggles. They too make mistakes, feel angry at times, but at the end of the day, their love will still remain strong. I can say that this is the perfect love story everyone could wish for.

Main leads' visuals are no joke

One of the reasons why I'm already starting to stan Ryan Ding (Shi Yun) is because of this drama. With just the trailer, I already fell in love with him. He has something in his eyes that makes him different from the others. With just one stare, you'll definitely fall in love with him. Throughout the whole series, I can't stop smiling whenever he appears and stares at Zhang Yu Xi (Su Jin Bei).

I also love Zhang Yu Xi. Although she's a bit thin (well what can I expect she's a model), she is still beautiful. Her smiles and sa jiao (aegyo in Korean) are so adorable that whenever she does those things I can't help but to smile so wide.

Side love stories are also cute

Let's talk about the love story of Wu Di (Jin Bei's manager) and Dr. Xiao (Shi Yun's friend). During the first few episodes, I was more hooked with their story more than the main leads' love story. Their story is a bit more on the mature side.

I also liked the story of Su Ying (Shi Yun's younger sister) and Xu Jia Wei (Jin Bei's junior in the entertainment industry). It's a story of how a fangirl made his idol fall in love with her. They may have few interactions but I find the couple cute.

It made me realize that we can still be happy despite the problems

With the pandemic that is going on right now, I can't actually think of happy thoughts. I barely even smile recently. I was too stressed on what may happen on the next few days or what may happen on my career.

With all these stress, Intense Love was the drama that made me forget about my problems and just smile for a moment. Like what I mentioned earlier, this drama made me smile the whole time.

If you're looking for some breather in life, try watching it! Just don't expect too much regarding the story and just enjoy watching it.

All photos are from their official Weibo page.

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