Chinese-Korean Dramas and Films to expect once Hallyu Ban in China is lifted

July 01, 2020

K-enthusiasts, especially KPOP and KDrama fans, know about this Hallyu ban in China. Based on my research, it happened in 2016 when South Korea had an agreement with the US to establish the Thermal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). Some news said that the Chinese government sees this as a threat to their security. This eventually led to the hallyu ban - Korean shows, dramas, and movies were reportedly not allowed to air, only few Korean stars were allowed to perform, and others.

Recently, there were news circulating on Twitter about the lifting of the hallyu ban in China. In fact, it was also a trending news on Weibo. But upon reading the news from Naver, it only mentioned Korean products ban being lifted, and no news if the entertainment ban has been lifted too. No official news from Chinese sites were released, as of writing.

But showing that the ban is slowly being lifted, fans are excited to see the reunion of the KPOP groups with Korean and Chinese members. Also, fans are looking forward to watch the Chinese-Korean dramas and films whose release were postponed.

As a drama fan, here are the dramas and films that I am expecting to have their premiere dates once the hallyu ban has totally been lifted.


Catman (我爱喵星人) is a story Liang Qu (EXO Sehun), who is a half-cat, half-human because of a magic spell. He has this special ability to heal broken hearts of people. He is living with Miao Xiao Wan (Janice Wu), who is a mobile app developer. She creates an app that translates cats' sound and languages.

The film initially planned to release in Summer of 2016, and then postponed to Spring 2017. But because of the ban, it was postponed indefinitely.

Other casts are Song Weilong (Find Yourself), Xu Ke (Prince of Tennis), Ju Jing Yi (Legend of Yun Xi), and Rise Li (Ming Dynasty). It will probably air on iQIYI since their trailer has been uploaded there already.


Jade Lover (翡翠恋人) is known to be the second installment of the series "Diamond Lover" which is also a Korean-Chinese collaboration between Rain and Tang Yan. For the second season, Lee Jong Suk will be playing the role of Bai Luo Han, the business rival of Chen Chen Xi (Zheng Shuang) who is the heiress of a jade store that is about to go bankrupt. This drama is set in the 1930s.

This is a 35-episode drama. Filming was finished in June 2016 but it hasn't been released yet.

Update: I don’t think this will air anymore because of Zheng Shuang’s issue. I’m just sad that this Lee Jong Suk series was wasted.


Unexpectd Love (闭嘴!爱吧) is a rom-com film starring EXO's Lay and f(x)'s Krystal. It is a story about a Chinese singer Han Bin (Lay) and a Korean dancer Fei Yan (Krystal) who fell in love with each other while they are achieving their professional dreams. Joining them in this film is UNIQ's Wang Yibo. This film started their production in 2016.

MR. RIGHT (Drama)

Mr. Right (我的男神) is another rom-com drama starring Ji Chang Wook and Sunny Wang wherein the two leads fight a lot but ends up falling in love with each other. Together, they overcame the problems in life, love, family, and friendship. It is a 36-episode drama. Filming ended last February 2016.


Endless August (八月未央) is a drama adapted from Anni Baobei's first novel and essay collection of the same name. It is a story about different individuals looking for the meaning of life and love. Main leads for this drama are Rain and f(x) Victoria. It is a 50-episode drama.


Castle in the Time (时光之城), starring Park Min Young and Zhan Zhe Han, is another romcom series about a college girl, Xu Zhen (Minyoung) who fell in love with a famous actor Gu Chijun (Zhe Han). Xu Zhen then worked in an entertainment and accidentally witnessed Chijun being rejected by a girl. Because of Chijun's pride, he finds his ways to have her removed from the company. But Xu Zhen doesn't give up easily, and she ended up winning the actor's heart. It is a 40-episode drama.


Another drama by f(x) Krystal has been postponed because of the ban. Graduation Season (毕业季), starring Krystal and Deng Lun, is a story of Ye Ran (Krystal), and independent fashion designer, and Jing Chen (Deng Lun), an heir to an underwear company, who slowly fell in love with each other. It is a 40-episode drama.


Another project of EXO Sehun has also been postponed. Dear Archimedes (亲爱的阿基米德), starring EXO Sehun, Amelie Xu, and Leo Yang, is a story about a genius logician who lives in a mysterious castle which is isolated from the world. An intelligent biologist went to his castle and helped him solve the cryptic code. It is a 30-episode drama.


Beautiful Woman (女人花似梦), starring Jung Il Woo and Amanda Qin, is a story which shows the competition of China's largest catering groups. Jung Il Woo will be playing the role of Jin Wenhao, a food blogger and critique. It is a 40-episode drama.

Here are the dramas and films that I am really looking forward to watch. I just hope that hallyu ban will totally be lifted so that these precious gems won't go to waste.

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