Quick Review of the KDrama 'Nobody Knows'

July 13, 2020

The KDrama "Nobody Knows" has been a part of my to-watch list ever since its posters and trailers were released. Aside from the plot, I wanted to watch this because Kim Seo Hyung will be playing the main lead. She is the famous tutor in the series Sky Castle. Because her acting is really amazing, I am really excited to see this drama.

Note: This review consists of spoilers.

About Nobody Knows

Title: Nobody Knows (아무도 모른다)
Episodes: 16 episodes
Broadcasting Date: March 2 - April 21, 2020
Main Casts: Kim Seo Hyung, Ryu Deok Hwan, Park Hoon, Ahn Ji Ho
Plot: It is a story of a detective named Cha Youngjin who lost her friend 19 years ago because of a serial killer. She handles this case and tried to find out why was her friend killed instead of her. Things got more complicated when her friend and neighbor, Ko Eun Ho, got into an accident which eventually is related with the stigmata serial killing.

Things I like about this drama

It's a well paced story

To be honest with everyone, I didn't get bored watching it. Each episodes have their own way of exciting me. With just the first few episodes, questions started to enter my mind and eventually they were answered on the following episodes. But more and more questions come into my mind which really makes me excited to watch the next episode.

Compared to other crime-themed drama, Nobody Knows revolves around the stigmata serial killings case only. There were no other cases to solve like in Voice and Tunnel (but these are also good crime-themed drama).

The flow of the story was well-planned, even the flashbacks. They know when to show these flashbacks and when answer the viewer's question.

For those who are expecting some heavy action, sad to say, this only have few action scenes.

There were no betrayal within the police force

Almost all the crime-themed KDramas that I have watched, there is always one or two police officers who betrays the main leads. And to my surprise, there was none here. My mom and I were actually trying to figure out who will betray them. This drama only shows that it's possible to have a loyal team. And the important factor here is trust.

The actor who plays Baek Sang Ho is definitely a great actor

Park Hoon portrayed the role of Baek Sang Ho effectively. The way he laughs, smirks, and teases the main characters were just too good. You can get irritated with him and yet feel sorry for him for having a life like that.

SPOILERS ALERT: In the last episode of this drama, he had an imagination of Cha Young Jin opening the door where he was locked during his childhood days. Then he asked himself, if the person who saved him before was Cha Young Jin (or someone like her), will he live his life differently?

This made me realize that the surroundings we live in have a great impact on how we will be living our lives in the future. I just feel sorry for Baek Sang Ho that he was raised in a not-so-good surrounding. Although he still had the choice to change it, but no one corrected him and he thinks everything he is doing is good.

Lee Sun Woo reconciled with his past student, Taehyung

One of the most satisfying scene is when Lee Sun Woo and Taehyung got reconciled. I feel a bit teary-eyed here. Lee Sun Woo admitted his mistakes in the past and asked apology to Taehyung. Taehyung also did the same.

If Lee Sun Woo has a high pride, he probably won't say sorry to Taehyung and just let it all go. But no, he knew he had a mistake and he is trying to fix it.

Lessons I Got in This Drama

A small seed of trust can make a huge impact

I remember the scene when Min Sung and Dong Myung (classmates of Ko Eun Ho) fought in the school. When the Lee Sun Woo (Eun Ho's teacher) and Cha Young Jin arrived, they saw Dong Myung holding Min Sung's collar and at that time, Min Sung's head was bleeding. If we don't know the whole story, we can immediately conclude that Dong Myung hit Min Sung.

Dong Myung said that he didn't hit Min Sung. While everyone else is doubting him, Cha Young Jin believed in him. This simple phrase made Dong Myung trust Cha Young Jin as well. At the end, you can see that he became a good friend to both Min Sung and Eun Ho. If she didn't believe on Dong Myung's words, the what could happen to him?

Children wanted to be trusted too, especially if they are saying the truth. This will leave a great impact to them. Wrong decisions can lead them to do bad things.

Guidance from adults has a lot of say on how we will live our future life

SPOILERS ALERT: We can look at Baek Sang Ho's and Ko Eun Ho's life. Baek Sang Ho was abandoned by his mother and was then adopted by a pastor who was actually a serial killer. He grew up thinking that killing someone while putting the resurrection sign will make the soul of the victim experience a miracle. He though this is a good thing. That's why he ended up killing one too, Cha Young Jin's friend.

On the other hand, Ko Eun Ho grew up with a mother who is always drunk and has different boyfriends. But he has a neighbor, Cha Young Jin, who eventually guided him while he was growing up. Even if his mother is not a good influence to him, he grew up as a kind and noble guy.

Not all people are born evil. It is the surroundings that affects our thoughts and make us evil. A good guidance can lead us to a good life.

The importance of friendship and trust

At the last episode, all of them were enjoying a good meal together. It's probably one of the most satisfying ending. You'll see how their friendship changes them. Not all good things will happen inside the friendship. There will be fights. But at the end of the day, if they are your real friends, you will make up with each other. These challenges will make your friendship stronger.

Trust is also one of the must-haves in friendship. As long as you trust each other, you can overcome any misunderstanding.

Will I recommend it?

Yes. Definitely yes. If you're into a crime-investigation themed drama, Nobody Knows is probably one of the good dramas out there. There are a lot of lessons you can learn here. But like what I said earlier, it doesn't have much action scenes. It will only make your mind think and think and think.

You can watch this series via Viu.

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