Travel during Quarantine through Netflix 'Twogether'

July 24, 2020

Last June 26, Netflix just released the much awaited variety show of Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu (Liu Yi Hao), "Twogether". Since I still have a lot of shows on my list, I did not watch it immediately.

Recently, I have been so bored with watching dramas so I decided to go with variety shows first. With just 8 episodes, both of them made me experience travelling even during this quarantine period.

I am a fan of both Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu. I have known Lee Seung Gi since "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho". Meanwhile, Jasper, I recently became a fan of him when he first appeared on the Return of Superman. Since then, I have been following him.

About Twogether

Twogether is an 8-episode travel variety show starring Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu. They filmed this is 2019 but was released just this year, 2020. Each episode has one-hour running time. So you can watch it in one sitting (lol, especially if you love to binge watch).

They travel to different places in Asia, experience their cultures, and do some tasks in order to see their fans. Yes, you read it right. They visit their fans' houses. Isn't it cool? You can see how happy the reactions of the fans when they found their home. So check it out on Netflix.

Things I love about Twogether

The incredible friendship formed through this trip.

Lee Seung Gi is a Korean singer and actor, while Jasper is a Taiwanese actor. This variety show is the first time they'll be together. Both of them can't speak each other's language but that didn't stop them from being close. During the first episode, they mentioned that both of them studied the other's language but forgot it all. So they are trying their best to communicate in English while using body languages.

It was also seen at the first episode that they are a bit awkward with each other. But during the end of the trip, they became closer and even call each other "brother". Well, the staff call them "sloppy brothers" because they are clumsy! You should definitely watch it to know why they are clumsy here.

The longer they are together, the closer they become. You can really see the changes from the first episode to the very last episode.

It allowed me to experience the culture of the countries they visited.

Since we are still in the pandemic and travelling is not yet allowed, the only thing we can do now is to simply watch old travel vlogs. "Twogether" is more than just going to different places. It is about them making memories together, experiencing the cultures of the countries they visit, but most especially, enjoying their time with their fans.

Their fans were the one who suggested their itinerary. They sent an application form before with details of the places they want the two to visit. And to be very honest, while watching it, I wanted to visit those places too!

My most favorite place that they visited was in Thailand but I love all the places they went to. I really want to try the floating market. They visited Indonesia first and the last stop was Korea.

The two of them are so funny.

Even if they have some language difficulties, I still can't deny the fact that they made me laugh all the time. I love how cunning Lee Seung Gi is and how innocent Jasper is. I haven't watched Jasper Liu in other variety shows but it looks like he is somehow new in this stuff. And Lee Seung Gi likes to take advantage of it (in a good way of course).

There are times when Lee Seung Gi loves to tease Jasper and because Jasper is so innocent, he easily believes Seung Gi. But in the next episodes, Jasper has already grasped the situation and learned a lot from Seung Gi. He eventually teased Seung Gi and the staff too in some episodes.

I also love it whenever Jasper calls Seung Gi, "Seung Gi-ssi". He is just so adorable and cute. You'll really love him even more here.

The theme song of this series is just so good!

I now have another favorite song. I don't know but it somehow gives me hope in the situation I'm currently facing. The lyrics are so uplifting and the music is so well-produced. Oh, and also Lee Seung Gi's voice is really so good. They also performed this song in this series.

You can listen to it here. There is also an English subs here:

You can see how humble and kind these two actors are.

Throughout this whole travel show, I can't stop admiring their kindness. You really know that both of them have good personalities. The way they treat the people around them, the way they treat their fans, and the way they treat each other. That's why I'm falling in love with them even more. I also wish to have older brother like them.

Phrases I will never forget...

"Game is game," "Seung Gi-ssi," "Sloppy brothers," and "Starbucks" - these are the phrases that I will never forget and if you watch it you'll probably won't forget it too. I won't be saying which episode these phrases will be heard but you will understand what I'm saying when you have watched it already.

Yes, I am inviting everyone to watch it. It's definitely a good and fun show to watch. In fact, I am hoping that it will have a second season because I already miss them. I'm having sepanx right now to be honest.

I'm very much thankful for the producers, staff, and casts of this show. You really made my day fun. Those 8 hours of watching this were so meaningful and not a single time did I feel bored here.

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