IGOT7s Demand Fair Treatment For GOT7

July 06, 2020

The hashtag #FairTreatmentForGOT7 trended in Twitter on a Monday, July 6. This isn't the first time IGOT7s (GOT7's fandom name) called out JYP Entertainment to give GOT7 a better and fair treatment. In fact, they have actively been asking for a more effective security and promotion for GOT7 in the past 4 years since they have noticed that the boys are overworked with a not-so-efficient schedules. But up until now, they did not receive a direct response from the company which made them feel mad and frustrated.

With this, they created a project "Better Treatment for GOT7" which has two parts: a survey about the fans concerns, and a protest truck.


With the help of 70 fanbases (representing 30 countries), they conducted a survey last June 18-21, 2020 about the fandom's concerns which received more than 11,000 responses all over the world. The result of the survey shows that the fans are requesting JYP Entertainment to improve in these following aspects:

Physical and Emotional Safety and Security of GOT7

The members have been experiencing harassment and invasion of their privacy from their sasaengs which became a threat to their safety and emotional health. Although JYP Entertainment has issued multiple statements about taking legal action, the fandom did not see an update about it. So, they are requesting the company to provide a detailed updates about the legal actions taken and also to increase proactive measures for the security of GOT7.

English Subtitles for GOT7 Contents and Announcements

GOT7 has a large fanbase outside Korea. Most of the times, contents don't have subtitles and announcements don't have translations which makes fans who do not understand Korean language not able to enjoy the videos and participate in the events. With this, they are asking to provide English translation for their official announcements on SNS in real time.

Timely and Accurate Announcements

Since fans are relying updates in GOT7's official SNS accounts, they expect that all activities including solo projects of the members will be announced on their accounts. Through this, fans will be able to support GOT7 more.

Active Domestic Promotion

It's not bad to be famous outside Korea. In fact, it's a good thing to be known internationally. But being active in South Korea is very essential for the success of any group. Korean IGOT7s have been complaining the lack of domestic activities. Since GOT7 also wants to promote as 7, the fans are requesting to add more bookings (variety shows, music shows, etc.) for GOT7 so that the public will know more about them.

18 Days Pre-order Period and Promotional length

With GOT7's recent album, fans have noticed that the pre-order period for their album was less than the standard 18 days that may have an impact on its sales which is an important factor in winning on music shows. The fans are requesting that JYPE will return the standard days of pre-order on GOT7's future comebacks. Not only that, they also request for GOT7 to have equal length of promotions with other JYP Nation groups.

International Promotion and Distribution

Since GOT7 has a lot of fans outside Korea, having international distribution of their albums (ex. Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.) will help the fans have easier access to these albums. Other artists under Divisions 1 and 3 have their albums distributed under Amazon, so they are also expecting for GOT7's album to be present in the platform. They are also requesting for a restock of the sold out albums.

Protest Truck

To support their project more, they also raised $4,000 which was used to hire a protest truck. This protest truck is located at the Gangdong-gu, near Olympic Park, and will be playing the fans concerns from July 6-10, 2020. Check out the photo and video below:

Not only do they want for GOT7 to receive fair treatments, but they also humbly request for JYP Entertainment to allow GOT7 to explore their talents more. For example, allowing them to participate in the production of their albums, MV directing and editing, choreography, to name some, so that their creativity won't be concealed. 

IGOT7s hope that through this protest, JYP Entertainment will listen and check their concerns for the improvement on how they manage their artists. They also hope that they will receive a direct response regarding this to avoid future miscommunications.

GOT7 is a multi-national group consists of 7 members - Mark, JB, Jinyoung, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom, which debuted in 2014 under JYP Entertainment. All information were shared by All About GOT7 PH.

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  3. We won't let our boys be mistreated.
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