Hong Chun Cheon Cheese Dakgalbi - Hongdae

July 09, 2020

Dakgalbi is probably one of my favorite Korean dishes. If you're not that familiar with the dish, it is also known as the Korean spicy chicken stir fry. It is placed in a large pan mixed with rice cake, cabbage, onion, and cheese.

During our stay in Hongdae, we always pass by this restaurant, Hong Chun Cheon Cheese Dakgalbi. What actually caught our attention is Mamamoo Hwasa's poster in front of the restaurant. Other Mamamoo members are also models of this restaurant.

When we entered the restaurant, the staff were very accommodating. They immediately assisted us on our table and gave us the menu to choose. They also explained a little bit of what the dish is all about. We ordered their Best Menu "Spicy Cheese Dakgalbi" with additional rice and also fried chicken. You can also have some additional toppings like ramyeon, udon, dumplings, etc. But since we ordered rice, we didn't add anymore.

This was the wall design of the store. The restaurant actually has a second floor but we seated at the first floor so that we won't need to use the stairs. Besides, there were only few people there when we arrived.

After waiting for a few minutes, our orders arrived. We were just shocked with how large our orders were. Even the fried chicken were plenty. Since we cannot consume the fried chicken, we just had it for take-out.

Impressions on Hong Chun Cheon Cheese Dakgalbi - Hongdae Branch

1. The staff were accommodating. Even though we had different languages, they try their best to explain to us our orders.
2. The place is clean so we can be sure that our food is clean too.
3. Their food offers a larger amount compared to other restaurant so one order can serve two people.
4. The price of their food is actually reasonable.
5. Their food is delicious! If given the chance to go back to Korea, I would definitely want to go back and eat here.

Hong Chun Cheon Cheese Dakgalbi Hongdae Branch Info:

Address: 32 Hongik-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu,Seoul
Opening Hours: 11AM to 11PM (may vary)
Nearest Landmark: Hongik University Station

If you're staying in Hongdae, make sure to visit this restaurant!

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