Symphony's Romance (2020) Review

July 22, 2020

If you have read my first impressions about this drama, you will definitely know why I started watching it. I actually watched it while it is still on-going. Weird, right? Because I barely watch on-going dramas. But because it's a Zhang Xincheng series, I really tried my best to watch it immediately.

I had to stop at some point because English subs were not released fast so I had to wait for it. And just recently, I have finished watching it. So, it's time for my not-so-required review of this drama.

About Symphony's Romance (2020)

Title: Symphony's Romance
Episodes: 40 episodes (45 minutes each)
Zhang Xincheng as Li Zhen Yan
Lin Yun as Fang Xiao Wo
Ning Huan Yu as Tian Yi Song
Fang Yuan as Cai Wei
Li Ning as Fisher
Chen Jin Yang as Qin Fen
Liu Qian Wen as Lin Qing Shang

Story: Symphony's Romance is the Chinese adaptation of the famous Nodame Cantabile. It is a story of Li Zhen Yan who has a dream of being a conductor but is being held back because of his trauma when he was a child. He met Fang Xiao Wo, a piano genius, who became his source of inspiration. Both of them tried to achieve their dreams while having the support from each other.

Things I Like about Symphony's Romance

It really focuses on how the characters achieve their dreams

The whole series was about the characters chasing their dreams and achieving it. It first showed how Li Zhen Yan overcame his fear of riding a plane and became a conductor eventually. Then, it showed how Fang Xiao Wo, who first just wanted to play the piano for the kids, then realizes her dream of becoming a professional pianist. And also the dream of Qin Fen, who first just want a rock 'n roll type of music, but then wanted to lead the RS orchestra.

Throughout the whole series, we have seen how the characters worked really hard on achieving their dreams. And that it's not too late to figure out their dreams.

But also, it's not a straight path. There are a lot of struggles while chasing their dreams. Some characters here also showed that even the best people suffer from being lost in life. Song Ran (Li Zhen Yan's friend) is a famous pianist. But there are some point in her life wherein she felt really lost and not know what her dream is. Another example is Cai Wei, who eventually had vocal nodules. She had a hard time knowing what her next move is since she won't be able to sing high notes anymore.

But at the end of all their struggles, they were able to create the music that they want and achieve their dreams altogether.

The love story of the main leads were not forced

I love how the love story of Li Zhen Yan and Fang Xiao Wo happened. There were no cheesy confessions. They just fell in love with each other and deep inside their heart they acknowledged their feelings. It wasn't rushed. In fact it took quite some time for them, Li Zhen Yan to be exact, to realize his feelings for Xiao Wo.

Fisher as their teacher

Fisher is definitely a one cool teacher. Although at the middle part, he somehow has another motive, I still liked him because he helped his students realize their dreams. As a famous conductor, I am somehow expecting him to be so strict when it comes to practice. But here, it shows that he was never strict. He has his own ways of teaching his students and I like that style.

Canon Rock RS Version

It may be weird but I cried when they played the Canon Rock during a wedding. I really love listening to this even before. Probably it's one of the reasons why I cried, but I also think it's because I saw their happiness while playing the song.

Doing something you really love warms my heart. I am so happy with those people doing their passion. You can also see the smiles in their faces. You know how happy they are. One day, I will also be happy on what I'm doing.

When Fang Xiao Wo realized that she plays the piano for herself

I was getting a bit irritated with her character during Episode 26, I guess. She doesn't want to be separated with Li Zhen Yan and her reason to play the piano is Li Zhen Yan. Her whole world revolves around Li Zhen Yan only. During this part, I felt like instead of lifting up each other, like how they did in the first part, they are dragging each other. But eventually, she realized that she plays the piano for herself.

When she mentioned to Li Zhen Yan that she will be staying in Paris to study piano more, I was like, "That's the girl I'm rooting for!" It's not bad to be with your lover but your whole life doesn't revolve around him. Love yourself more.

Things I somehow disliked from Symphony's Romance

Their camera shots

I don't know why but their camera shots and movements where shaky, not smooth zooming effect, sometimes the characters were not even fitted well on the frame. While I was watching this, I was asking myself if these were filmed in early 2000s because I felt like it was. They can't say that the set-up was in early 2000s because their phones are the latest phones.

I was really disappointed with their camera shots and movements. Maybe because I was expecting something like Skate into Love.

40 episodes were too long

There were a lot of dragging moments in this series. That's why I probably felt bored in the last 10 episodes. I actually stopped watching it for days because I wanted to drop it. But I still tried to finish it because it's just 10 episodes left. It would have been better if they removed some unnecessary scenes and just squished it to 30 episodes?

Final Thoughts on this drama

I would still recommend this drama especially to dreams and music lovers. But I won't probably rewatch it. Even if there are things that I disliked in this drama, I still liked it somehow because of the lessons I learned. Drama that has dreams as one of their themes is really so close to my heart. This drama allowed me to search my heart more and know what I really want to do with life. I'm still a bit lost with life right now, but I know eventually I'll figure it out.

If you want to watch this, you can download the Mango TV (MGTV) app and you can watch it there.

Continue dreaming and let your voices be heard fellow fangirls!

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