Kakao Friends Flagship Store in Hongdae

July 05, 2020

If you're using KakaoTalk, you will surely be familiar with their cute characters. If you were to ask me which character is my favorite, I'll answer Apeach. Why? Because it's pink. And yes, pink is my favorite color. You might have noticed it on this blog. But I also love the other characters.
When I first visited South Korea, probably the first place I get to visit is the Kakao Friends Flagship Store in Hongdae. Our hostel is near it. We just need to cross the street and we're there already.

Address: 162 Yanghwa-ro (Donggyo-dong Dae-ah Building), Mapo-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Directions: When riding a subway, drop off at Hongik University Station (subway line 2), Exit 8 or 9

What can you see inside this store?

Large Kakao Friends Characters

In the first and second floor of the store, you can see large Kakao Friends characters there where you can take a picture with. I badly want to hug these characters but I'm just too shy because a lot of people are there. But yes, it's okay to take a picture with them.

Different types of Kakao Merchandise

Kakao Friends Store offers a variety of merchandise to choose from - stuffed toys, home decorations, travel necessities, mobile accessories, fashion accessories. The designs of these merchandises are so cute! I wanted to buy a phone case unfortunately, there was no available case for my unit. Most phone cases there are for the latest units of IPhone or Samsung.

There are also these cute figurines of the characters.

Ryan's Cafe

If you felt tired walking around and choosing what to buy on the store, you can have a rest first at the third floor of the building. At the third floor, Ryan's Cafe is located. You can order some desserts or drinks to satisfy your hunger.

Next time you visit Hongdae, make sure to drop by this place! Allot some money so that you can buy something. It maybe a cute stuffed toy of your favorite Kakao character, or something useful like slippers, power cords, etc.

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