Korean-Chinese Remakes that I am Looking Forward To

July 30, 2020

As I have been drawn to both Korean and Chinese dramas slash movies, it really makes my heart happy whenever I see news of remakes, whether it's a Korean to Chinese or vice versa. In this blog post, I'll be listing the remakes that I am looking forward to watch.

Korean to Chinese

There are actually a lot of Korean dramas that have their Chinese remakes such as She Was Pretty which had a Chinese remake entitled Pretty Li Hui Zhen. Or Who Are You: School 2015 to When We Were Young. And now, these upcoming remakes are what I'm looking forward to.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is having a Chinese remake with the title "So It's You" with main leads Derrek Chang and Luo Yutong. In the original story, the female lead (Kim Bok Joo) is a weightlifter while the male lead (Jung Joon Hyung) is a swimmer. In the Chinese version, the female lead is said to be a judo player while the male lead is still a swimmer.

Of course, remakes tend to have tweaks from the original story. And I'm excited to see how if they will be able to give me those kilig feels like how NamLee gave me during Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. 

On Your Wedding Day

On Your Wedding Day is a Korean movie which was released in 2018 starring Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang. Last February 25, 2020, it was announced that there will be a Chinese remake of this movie with the same title starring Greg Hsu and Zhang Ruonan.

On Your Wedding Day is a very emotional and heartbreaking movie (well, at least for me). And I wonder if this Chinese remake will also have the same impact. The remake reportedly will be airing this year but as of writing, there are no official release date yet. But I'm already excited for it!

Clean with Passion for Now

Let me be honest with you, I haven't watched Clean with Passion for Now. I don't know but it somehow did not attract me at first (trailers, still cuts). But the reason why I am excited for the remake (Chinese remake title: Use for My Talent) is because Jasper Liu is going to be the main lead here with Shen Yue as his female lead. A member of the KPOP group Pentagon, Yan An, will also be part of this remake.

Clean with Passion for Now is a 2018 South Korean series starring Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang which is based on a popular webtoon.

Chinese to Korean

Korean to Chinese are very common that's why I am not surprised with that. But Chinese to Korean is a bit new to me that's why I became more excited. Will the Korean remakes surpass the original or will the original still reign? Those were my question.

A Love so Beautiful

Just a few days ago (as of writing), news were released that the famous Chinese drama "A Love so Beautiful" is having a Korean remake! I really love this drama especially Wu Bosong's character that's why I'm excited to know who the Korean casts will be.

Recently, they released the official main leads of the remake. WEi Yohan (former X1) will be playing the role of Cha Heon (Jiang Chen), So Ju Yeon as Shin Sol Yi (Xiaoxi), and Yoo Hoe-Hyun as Woo Dae Sung (Wu Bosong).

This is the remake that I really want to watch but also have some fears. I don't know if the Korean remake will reach my expectations or even surpass it. And also, I will check if I will fall in love with the second lead too. The remake is expected to air at the end of the year.


Soulmate is a famous Chinese movie released in 2016. In fact it already have a lot of remakes. To be honest, I haven't watched this movie (but I'm planning to watch it soon). The main reason why I am excited for the remake is because Kim Dami will be playing the lead role here. I am so impressed with her acting skills in Itaewon Class.

This remake will star Kim Dami, Jeon So-nee, and Byeon Wooseok. No exact release date yet but it is expected to be released in 2021.

So yeah, these are the remakes I am excited to watch. I will be updating this post once the released dates are already finalized! How about you? What are the remakes that you are excited to watch?

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