The Story on How I Became A K-Fangirl

August 01, 2020

I'm celebrating my 10th year in the K-fangirl life (assuming that I really started being a KPOP fan in 2010). And this August, I'll be doing a series of blogs about my faves, the things I learned and gained, and just everything about my fangirl life for the past 10 years.

What does it mean to be a FANGIRL?

A fangirl is a female fan who is obsessed with a thing or a person or a movie and sometimes (if not most of the time) acts in an overexcited way. Well, that's how the society tells us. But for me, being a fangirl is more than just being obsessed. It is more of appreciating the person or the movie or whatever I'm fangirling on.

Some people may say that you are not a fangirl if you don't follow your faves, or know everything about them, or buy their merch and stuff. Although these are a few manifestations that you really support your faves, but that doesn't mean you are not his/her fan when you don't do these things. It's just that you have have your own reasons for not doing it.

For me, you become a fangirl when you start loving them and appreciating them. When it comes to KPOP, you started to be a fan when you appreciate their music or their personalities. And eventually, you'll go on a higher stage of being a fangirl. Yes, I believe there are different stages in the fangirl life. Even if you're in Stage 1, you can still be called a fangirl.

How did I become a KPOP fan?

Like what I have mentioned, I have been in the K-industry for 10 years now. But I have been a fangirl ever since I was a child. I first became a fan of Westlife and SCLUB7. I know all of their songs and even the members. And a fun fact, I was just around 5 or 6 at that time. I was actually influenced by my cousins.

Then a few years later, I became a fan of Meteor Garden (well, who didn't at that time). It even reached to a point where I started buying posters and hid it in my closet because my mom is gonna be mad at me (just some idolization issues).

And then, I became a fan of High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and Jonas Brothers. They have similarities, all of these movies/series were somehow had music themes. And it's because I love music.

When I entered high school, I met a senior who is much into KPOP, especially Super Junior and SHINee. That's when me and my girl classmates became a fan of Super Junior. I guess that's how I started being a fan of KPOP. My classmates and I even made a video greeting for Super Junior.

I used to be one of those people who don't like KPOP because I can't understand their language. That's why it took me quite some time to really like them. At first, I was feeling a bit pressured because they are all starting to like Super Junior and I feel like I'm being left out. So, whenever I go home from school, I started searching about Super Junior, watch their videos and MVs. And unknowingly, I entered the KPOP life and then I realized that there's no way out.

As I got deeper and deeper with my knowledge about KPOP, I entered into more doors. That's how I ended up being a multi-fan. And I'm telling you, it's really hard to be a multi-fan especially when we talk about comebacks and award shows.

You may be wondering who are the groups I'm currently stanning. Well, I'll be talking about those stuff on my next blogs. So, stay tuned.

Will I still be a K-fangirl in the next 10 years?

I believe in the saying "Once a fangirl, always a fangirl". But unlike the past 10 years, I won't be as active and as vocal about it. But I will still listen to them, and maybe still be updated. I may still attend concerts and buy their merch, but not like the past 10 years.

I'm getting old and there are a lot of things that needs my attention which is more important. Being a fangirl may no longer be a priority but that doesn't mean I stop being one. Just like what I have mentioned earlier, you become a fan when you love and appreciate them. As long as the love is still there, you can still be called a fangirl.

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