My Top 10 Favorite Female KPOP Idol

August 14, 2020

I have been a little busy with some client commissions and revisions these past days that's why I was a bit late with my blog series schedule. But because I somehow tried to fix my schedule, I'm writing again today.

A lot of people think that I don't stan girl group or female soloists and I only stan boy groups. But I'm here to debunk those thoughts. I am also a fan of girl groups but I am not just that vocal like what I do with the male groups. Now, you will finally know the female idols that I really like.

In my last blog, I have shared to you my top 10 favorite male Kpop idol. Today, I'll be sharing to you my top 10 female Kpop idol.

SNSD Yoona

Yoona became my bias in SNSD because she's so pretty. Although I hated her before because I wasn't a YoonHae (Yoona-Donghae) shipper, which I ended up becoming one. But I really can't deny the fact that she is very attractive. I loved her even more when she acted along Jang Geun Suk in Love Rain.

I saw Yoona one time during the Best of Best Concert 2015 and I'm happy with it. Right now, I'm still waiting for a comeback from SNSD or maybe a solo single.


I liked Momo ever since Sixteen. That's why I felt bad when she was eliminated. I don't understand why she was eliminated. But then at the end, she still debuted under TWICE. The main reason why I like her so much is because she dances well. I am not a good dancer that's why I love seeing girls who are good at dancing.

When Momo and Heechul dating news came out, I was actually happy because I like both of them. And yes, I approve with the couple. As long as they are happy, then I am happy too.

Red Velvet Joy

I honestly thought Joy is a type of serious and has a little attitude especially when I saw the teasers of their debut album. But when the music video was released, she was a fun girl. She smiles all the time and she's just so pretty. I got to know her more when she got into "We Got Married" with BTOB Yook Sungjae. Up until now, Joy is still my bias in Red Velvet.


Of all the members of ITZY, Yuna was the member that I was not familiar with. I have heard from some fans that she was the member who replaced Somi in ITZY. I don't know if it's real but if it is true, I am still happy that she finally got her debut. During Dalla Dalla, she was the first member that caught my attention (maybe because she was new to my eyes).

Her eyes made me get attracted to her. She has distinct eyes and a lovable smile. I'm just so sad that I didn't get to meet her when she went here in the Philippines for their fan meeting. I was not prepared at that time. But I believe I'm gonna meet her soon.


IU is really one of the first KPOP artists that I stanned. In fact, before I even had her albums (even the Japanese albums). I love her voice and her songs. I actually first knew her in Dream High. Since then, I have been trying to sing her songs especially Good Day.

I'm just so sad too that I wasn't able to go to her concert here in the Philippines because the tickets were immediately sold out. But I believe that she will come back because she loved the crowd.


You can say that I had a love-at-first-sight with Chungha. When I first saw her in Produce 101, I immediately fell in love with her. That's why I supported her from the start to the end. She is so down to earth. She is so talented. She can sing well and dance well. I can say that she is one of the best artists out there.

Park Jimin

One of the best vocalists out there! It's just so sad that she wasn't promoted well. I knew here when she was still in 15&. They were no longer promoting for a long time so I somehow think that the duo has been disbanded. She can reach high notes without difficulty. Plus, she speaks English very well. I hope I can hear more music from her soon.

AKMU Lee Suhyun

Another artist who has a very beautiful voice. Lee Suhyun's voice has this soothing effect that will make you calm down and want to listen more. Whenever I am suffering from panic attacks, I usually listen to AKMU songs and somehow, I feel relieved. I can say that her voice (and her brother's) really has this therapeutic effect to me. I am actually excited for their new songs to be out!

gugudan Kim Sejeong

Kim Sejeong is probably one of my bias wreckers in IOI. But to be honest, I was a bit shocked that she was always part of the highest positions during Produce 101. I mean, at first I find her a little plain. But when I got to see how kind she is and how she possess this leader type quality, I finally gave up and said that she deserves that place. I just hope her current agency will promote her and her new group more.

Jeon Somi

I didn't like Somi yet during SIXTEEN. I feel like she was too young and she needed more experience before debuting in a girl group. But then, when she came to Produce 101, she finally showcased her true talents and qualities. I know that she prepared a lot at that time because I can see how much she improved from SIXTEEN to Produce 101.

Now, she is a solo artist. So far, I like all her songs and I hope she will even be more active in the future. I am really looking forward to see her soon!

And that's it! They are my top 10 favorite female KPOP idol. How about you? Who are your favorites?

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