A Fangirl's Quarantine Life Update

August 18, 2020

It's been five months since the lockdown in the Philippines happened because of the corona virus. In these five months, I never really had the chance to update this blog about what happened in my life. Everything was so overwhelming that I cannot really do or say much. All I know is that I wake up in the morning, not knowing what day it is, and go back to bed and sleep.

Well of course that wasn't the case everyday. I, at least try to make my day productive as it can be. I still try to make myself busy so that bad thoughts won't enter my mind. Anyway, here are the things I usually do to keep myself busy in these times.

Watching dramas and movies

When I was studying and working, I barely had the chance to watch new dramas or movies. That's why I had a lot of dramas on my to-watch list. And because of this lockdown, I was able to catch up with the dramas that I missed and also got to watch ongoing dramas like It's Okay to Not be Okay, which I can say is one of my favorites.

Not only that, during this free time, I also became a huge fan of Zhang Xincheng which led me to be active in the Chinese entertainment. Oh, and I'm currently watching Go Ahead. I actually started watching Chinese dramas during Love O2O but I was never really hooked with it. Zhang Xincheng is the main reason why I'm now in the Cdrama world (and I don't regret it).

Being active on my blog and SNS

So far, I have been active here on my blog and also on my page/twitter, A Fangirl's Heart. And I am so happy that in just the first half of the year, I already have exceeded my target goals. Of course, special thanks to my friend who handles Oppa is Life for helping me always, and my friends who update the page too.

I also had the chance to write my backlogs during my travels. I may not be able to travel this year, at least I am thankful I can reminisce the sweet moments I had before. I'm praying and hoping that everything will be okay as soon as possible so that we can go back to our normal lives, and maybe go back to travelling.

Trying some new hobbies

During this quarantine, I tried to do some new hobbies, or things that I really want to do but not really good at or have no time to do it. First one is cooking or making desserts/drinks, etc. I don't cook. In fact, I might burn the house. But since my mom is here with me, she is somehow assisting me while trying. So far, I have made the trending Dalgona Milo (yes, milo not coffee coz I don't drink coffee lol), kimbap, bibimbap, and rabokki. I haven't blogged some of these but I'll surely write it soon.

Also, I again tried vlogging. I'm still in the testing period. I don't really like talking in front of the camera, especially when I know that there are people who can hear me talk. I prefer writing. But recently, I have been recording myself and familiarizing myself with the camera. Well, we'll see if this will work out.

I also opened my art account. This is where I'll be sharing most of my fan arts and just random WIPs. I am not really good in drawing but I am trying to improve it. Besides, there's nothing wrong in trying, right?

Catching up with friends and family

This pandemic may have stopped us from seeing our friends physically, but thanks to technology, we can still meet virtually. My friends and I usually have zoom meetings and sometimes play there too. So far, I am still in contact with my precious friends.

Oh and yes, since I live in Manila and my family stays here in Batangas, I finally had the chance to catch up with them. I can eat with them, watch TV with them, and also had some family devotions together. I also had the chance to catch up with some churchmates. This pandemic has also made me closer to God.

Doing some side-jobs

Of course, I still have bills to pay. Although I don't really plan of looking for a full-time job now, I'm still looking for ways to find some income. Also, my fangirl merch needs an upgrade too, lol. I'm doing a lot of illustrating recently. I also do some graphic designs. So just in case you're wondering, you can check my portfolio here. I am still planning to get a new domain (or maybe a hosting) so that I can also put my portfolio on my website.

If ever you're interested in hiring me, shoot me an email at ruthleendelosreyes@gmail.com.

I am thankful for a lot of things, for the KPOP music, dramas, and other things that helps me keep my sanity. This quarantine surely have slowed down our life. All our plans for 2020 were if not cancelled, postponed. Maybe this is a way life telling us that we need to slow down. I have special events that were cancelled, my Taiwan trip, my graduation, me finding a job or take Master's. But I am still thankful that me and my family are still surviving and safe.

Let's continue to pray for other people who are not in a stable situation right now. If we can't help financially, let's help them spiritually and hope that they too can survive this pandemic. Let's also pray for the frontliners who are risking their lives to save us. And let's also ask God to give wisdom to those people leading the country. We don't know about tomorrow, but we know that there is a God we can hold on to.

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