Following It's Okay to Not be Okay Footsteps - 4D/3N Itinerary

August 31, 2020

We all know that It's Okay to Not be Okay is one of the most talked about Kdrama this 2020. Aside from the beautiful story it offered, it also showcased beautiful sceneries in South Korea especially in Gangwon-do area. If given the chance to travel back to South Korea for 4D/3N, I would love to follow the footsteps of the casts of It's Okay to Not Be Okay.

In this blog, I'll be sharing to you my planned It's Okay to Not be Okay itinerary along with some details of the locations.


Upon doing some research, It's Okay to Not be Okay also filmed some of their scenes at Incheon. Since most of the flights from the Philippines going to South Korea will drop at Incheon International Airport, it would be better to immediately go to these locations after arriving.

Triple Street Shopping Mall

It is a unique shopping mall that has street vibes filled with mega-stores, restaurants, cafes, cultural squares, and a lot more. In short, it is a good place to hangout. This was scene at the episode 2 of IOTNBO, when Moon Sangtae was running around with those fun animations around him.

Address: 33-3, 16beon-gil, Songdo Gwahak-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon

IK Lighthouse

IK Lighthouse is a cafe and a showroom by a light bulb company, Ikwang Lightings, which was opened in November 2018. This is the cafe seen at the first episode when Ko Munyeong was eating and a little girl approached her and asked for a signature.

Address: 8-1 Chamoejeon-ro 174beon-gil, Dongincheon-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

Wolmido Culture Street

For sure, you remember the scene where Sangtae accepted Munyeong to be part of their family. A lot of screenshots and fanarts of this scene were in the internet because it's really heartwarming. This was filmed at the Wolmido Culture Street. Wolmido Culture Street is a walkway bordering in Wolmi Theme Park at the Wolmido Island. It is a popular destination because there are a lot of cafes, restaurants, and performances here. Aside from that, the locations is near Seoul and has a convenient transportation.

Address: 98-57 Bukseong-dong (il)-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon

Han River Bridge

After visiting Incheon, it's time to go to Seoul and check-in first to the chosen hotel. After resting a bit too, the next place to visit is the Han River Bridge. This will be the last filming location to visit for Day 1.

The scene that was seen here was when Alberto, Jaesu's motorcycle, had a problem so Gangtae and him had to push it until they reach their home. This bridge connects Yongsan-gu and Dongjak-gu.

Location: Ichon-dong, Yongsan District, Seoul, South Korea


Pizza Alvolo

The first filming location to visit on day 2 is the famous Pizza Alvolo. I first knew this in Hotel del Luna. But it was only on It's Okay to Not be Okay that I became really interested with it and want to try what this chain has to offer.

I want to try the one Ko Munyeong ordered, Palja Pizza. It has 8 different toppings consisting of corn, pineapple, pepperoni, shrimp, spicy chicken, jalapeno, squash and bacon. This food chain has a lot of branches but the exact location that they filmed is at the Yeoksam Branch.

Address: 148 Yeoksam-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul

Forest of Wisdom Library

After Seoul, it's now time to go to Gyeonggi-do for the Forest of Wisdom Library. Travel time from Seoul to Gyeonggi-do is approximately 1 hour.

This is the place where Ko Munyeong had her fan signing and Sangtae attended it. Although there was a little problem that happened there. Forest of Wisdom Library, known for its floor to ceiling shelves, is in the Paju Book City, a big cultural complex located in Paju owned by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

Address: 145, Hoedong-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Nam Juri's House

After Gyeonggi-do, it's now time to go to the main filming place, the Gangwon-do. After arriving at Gangwon-do and having a little rest, the first filming location to visit is Nam Juri's House. Although I won't get to go the rooftop, because this place is a private home, the exterior of the house is enough since there are also scenes filmed there.

Address: 14 Deungdae-gil, Geojin-ri, Geojin-eup, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Seorak Hanok Guesthouse Pension

This is the place where Gangtae and Munyeong saw the two patients, Jungtae and Areum. It is called the Cheap Bed and Breakfast in the series. This will be the last filming location to visit for the second day.

Address: 58, Sangdomun-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do


Cafe Sanida

Cafe Sanida is known to be the filming location of The Cursed Castle. It is a cafe or bakery that opened in 2019. But because I saw some friends have visited this filming location (and based from the behind-the-scenes of the series), I know that they used CGIs to make the castle bigger better. 

Address: 109-128 Chilbong-ro, Hojeo-myeon-, Won-ju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Secret Blue Bakery Cafe

OK Psychiatric Hospital is not really a hospital, yes I was shocked here. In fact it is a seaside-cafe. The cafe’s exterior, gardens and internal dining areas were seen in the series. The cafe is sometimes called Ayajin Beach Cafe Secret Blue.

Address: 31-6, Ayajinbuk-gil, Toseong-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Seorak Beach

Remember the scene when Gangtae was suspended and he decided to go on a trip with Munyeong, but then changed his mind later on that made Munyeong mad? It is here in Seorak Beach. Here, you can also see the Red Light House.

Address: 5-8 Dwinnaru 2 -gil, Ganghyeon-myeon, Yangyang, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Jucheon Seopdali Bridge

Jucheon Seopdali Bridge is a log bridge that is being re-built yearly in early winter but is used only during the start of the rainy season. It is said to be a 300-year old bridge. In fact, there are a lot of folk songs written about this bridge.

The bridge was seen during the flashbacks when Gangtae was following Munyeong.

Address: 12 Sogeumsan-gil, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea


Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge

Last day before going back to my country, I decided to spend this day at the Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge. It is the longest and largest pedestrian bridge in Korea. But aside from that, there are a lot of attractions here that you can enjoy like the Wonju Railbike, Museum San, grave of Joeom, and more.

We can see this bridge in episode 9 when Gantae and Munyeong had a quick trip.

Address: 2141 Songhakjucheon-ro, Panun-ri, Jucheon-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

The reason why I only have one filming location for this day is because, I'll be leaving South Korea and need to travel back to Incheon. This is the last It's Okay to Not be Okay filming location I'll visit before leaving South Korea.

Summary of my 4D/3N It's Okay to Not be Okay Itinerary


1. Arrival at Incheon International Airport
2. Triple Street Shopping Mall
3. IK Light House
4. Wolmido Culture Street
5. Go to Seoul and check-in at the hotel
6. Hangang Bridge


1. Pizza Alvolo
2. Go to Gyeonggido for the Forest of Wisdom Library
3. Go to Gangwon-do
4. Nam Juri's House
5. Seorak Hanok Guesthouse pension


1. Cafe Sanida
2. Secret Blue Bakery Cafe
3. Seorak Beach
4. Jucheon Seopdali Bridge


1. Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge
2. Travel back to Incheon Airport

During my past visits in South Korea, I spent most of my time in Seoul. So if ever I get the chance to visit South Korea again, I plan on going to these places because I believe the provinces also have a lot to offer. You can also check out my Itaewon Class Itinerary.

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