My Top 10 Favorite KPOP MVs

August 05, 2020

I have watched a lot of KPOP music videos. I can't really count how many music videos I have watched already. I was also the type of fan who really wait for its release. Some music videos were released 12AM KST. But recently some music videos were released by 6PM KST.

So what are the things I'm looking for in a music video that makes me like it? As I was listing my favorite KPOP MVs, I realized that these music videos have the same theme or color. Most of them have bright colors or a fun theme or the artists are travelling and just enjoying life or they have cool camera shots. So in this list, I'll be sharing to you my top 10 favorite KPOP MVs.

GOT7 Fly

GOT7's Fly will always be one of my favorite music videos. First reason, I love the colors of their outfits which makes me want to stare at them and watch the MV more. And I don't know but I had this feeling that they enjoy filming this music video. I can see those beautiful smiles especially from Youngjae.

Girls' Generation I Got a Boy

This is the first music video (I have watched) that has a lot of concepts in just one video. Well, the music also has different styles. I really loved Yoona's look in this music video especially during the first part. I even tried to braid my hair like hers before. I love their outfits in this music video.

DAY6 I'm Serious

When it comes to DAY6, a lot of people knows that they write a lot of heart-broken songs that's why we only think that they only have sad MVs. But no, you're wrong. They also have fun music videos like "I'm Serious". When I first saw the trailers I already love it because it has a summer-ish travel vibe. And look how they are enjoying the beach. I love seeing happy music videos.

Super Junior No Other

This is the music video that made me really fall in love with Super Junior, especially Donghae. It is where I finally found my bias lol. Just like the other music videos, this one is a fun and light one. They were dancing and preparing to confess their love. They are just so cute. This music video also reminds me on how I started being a KPOP fan.

BTS Boy With Luv

First reason, they wore pink in the first part. Second, they wore blue on the second part. Third, I love the brush strokes at around 2:20 of the MV. Everything in this music video was just so fun to watch. Although this isn't my favorite BTS song, Boy With Luv is my favorite BTS Music Video.

Wanna One Energetic

I got attracted to the music video first because of the camera shots because they were able to emphasize the choreography of the song. I also love the smoke effect during Jaehwan's part. Also, this music video is so fun because of Ong Seong Wu. I can still remember when he was with the grocery cart. This music video will really make you feel energetic lol.

JBJ My Flower

Okay, this is another colorful music video yet it has a minimalist style. The music video is so visually pleasing. Plus, I also love the hip dance of JBJ here. It's just a simple music video but it has an attractive feature.

EXO Growl

A music video made in one shot. No cuts. I was really amazed when I first watch Growl. I believe EXO gained more fans because of this. I was really amazed how they were able to do that. It's my first time seeing such style and I really love it.

TWICE What is Love

I really love how they got inspirations from different films (especially if you have watched those films) and combine it together in one music video. The concept of this is so cool and cute. it matches the song well. They try to find the meaning of love and one of the ways is to watch what love is in the films.

NCT Dream Chewing Gum

I really waited for this because of Jeno and Jisung. But then I ended up being a Jaemin biased. Anyway, I love this music video because of their cuteness. They were really baby boys back then when they started. They started with hoverboards and now they are riding motorcycles already. They grew up so fast. That's why Chewing Gum will always remind me how NCT Dream started.

So these are my top 10 favorite KPOP MVs. How about you what are your favorite MVs?

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