UNBOXING: DAY6 MY DAY 4th Generation Membership Kit

April 20, 2024

My first DAY6 Membership

I have been a fan of DAY6 since their debut. Funny at it may seem, but this is my first ever membership from them. I didn't join the membership the past years mainly because of the money and I thought I won't be able to get the benefits it offers.

While I was trying to secure a ticket for their Christmas concert last 2023, I realized the importance of the membership. If only I had the third membership before, I could have got a ticket. That's why when they opened the 4th membership, I decided to get it. Thankfully, I was able to be part of the 4th membership and got a ticket for their Welcome to the Show concert.

MY DAY 4th Generation Kit Inclusions


The outbox is just a simple carton box. It's still good and can still keep the inclusions in tact. I think it has the same quality with my Nana Tour Merch (which unfortunately I haven't posted about it yet lol).

Membership Card

I blurred my details for privacy purposes

This is how the 4th membership card looks like. It's so cute and I really like its color. It's just a simple card wherein your name, birthday, and membership number is written.


This membership kit also includes a photobook. The concept photos were really good and it's nice seeing DAY6 altogether again. They really look so happy.


Of course, everyone's favorite inclusion in every album or kit, the photocards. I used to collect DAY6 photocards but after Even of Day's Gluon album, I stopped collecting DAY6 photocards. But now, I got these photocards and I don't have plans on selling them.


This is actually one of the cutest inclusion in this membership kit. I really liked the keyring. I am using it now so that I can easily see where my keys are. It's really on brand.

Stamp Sticker

Since I do not know where I will use this, this will just stay in the box as part of my collection.

Lucky Receipt

For the lucky receipt, there are some texts written at the back. There are also QR codes wherein if you scan it, it will redirect you to a video message from the boys.

Polariod Set

They are extremely cute on these photos. But since I don't have a binder for polaroid, this will stay in the box as well.

ID Photo

I think this ID photo can be placed in the keyring but I haven't tried it and I don't want to cut these photos yet. So, I will just let it be like that for a moment.

Those are the inclusions of DAY6 My Day 4th generation membership kit. I still have a lot of merch to unbox and I hope I will have time to post them all here.

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