A PH Carat Attending Follow Again to Seoul Day 1

May 01, 2024

To be part of this amazing event is a dream come true

Not long ago, I attended Follow Again to Incheon Day 1. Although my seat at that time was at the 5th floor, I was still happy because it's SEVENTEEN who I am watching. Just a few weeks after their Incheon concert, SEVENTEEN had their Follow Again to Seoul which was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

For this concert, I am so happy I was able to grab an R-Seat which was much better than my seat in Incheon.

Seoul World Cup Stadium

It is actually my first time going here at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Everything is new to me so I literally have no expectations. My friends and I decided to take a photo at the back part because for sure there are a lot of Carats in the front part of the stadium. At least here, we can have a solo shot with the venue name and the concert banner.

We arrived at around 10am but I was shocked that there were a lot of people already who are at the venue. Meanwhile in Seoul, there were few people at this time and few people lining up for the Carat Zone.

My Carat Friends the day before and on the day of the concert
So, we immediately went to the Carat Zone to claim our photocards. For this time, I got Vernon. If you have watched my mini vlog in Incheon, you will know that I traded my DK pc for a Vernon pc. Since I already have a Vernon pc, I decided to trade Vernon to whoever member (although I honestly wanted to have Hoshi, The8, or Seungkwan). Good thing, a Carat wanted to trade her Woozi to Vernon. So, I am happy to do so.

Concert Proper

This is my view during the concert. And I am so happy because I am close to the extended stage. I can clearly see them when they go to this part. Plus, I can take a better fancam now thanks to my Samsung S24 Ultra.

The concert started a little bit later than 6pm. It was still a bit bright when it started. But after a few performances, the sun has finally set down and we can clearly see the lightsticks.

Compared with the Incheon stop, this venue is really much better. Aside from the fact that a lot of Carats can attend, the stage was much closer to the fans wherever seat you are. I really hope their next concerts will be here as well.

Special Moments during the Concert

Aside from the fact that I got to see them much better now, what I liked the most is that they performed the songs for their new album. Their album was just out last April 29 so they performed these songs prior to the release. It was very special because we were the first people who were able to hear those songs live.

@afangirlsheart FANCAM | SEVENTEEN performed Maestro during their Follow Again to Seoul Day 1. #kpop #seventeen #maestro #followagaintoseoul ♬ original sound - A Fangirl's Heart
You can see my fancams at A Fangirl's Heart Tiktok Account

I have been seeing tweets that they will perform these songs but at the same time I had doubts that they will perform it on Day 1. That's why I was so happy and surprised with this.

For this concert, there were no drones. Actually, there was supposed to be a hot air balloon but because of the wind, that event was cancelled. It would have been fun seeing the hot air balloon and I'm sure SEVENTEEN is also excited for that. But for everyone's safety, it is a right move to cancel that.

I actually have no words to say right now. I am so happy and at the same time feeling a little bit sad because I'm missing SEVENTEEN. I am looking forward to seeing SEVENTEEN again on Caratland this year and on the opening of their new tour.

While waiting for them, I will just stream their new album. I'm excited for my album to arrive as well.

Mini Vlog

@annyeongruth Let’s attend SEVENTEEN Follow Again to Seoul Day 1! I’m so happy I got to witness their new songs during this concert. #kpop #seventeen #followagaintoseoul ♬ 蜜桃物语 - 仁辰&于行
See you again soon, SEVENTEEN!

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