Haru & Oneday - A Cafe Owned by Super Junior's Donghae

May 30, 2024

A Cafe You Must Visit Especially if You're an ELF

I started my K-Pop journey being an ELF (Super Junior's fandom name). And my favorite Super Junior member is Donghae. Knowing these facts, this cafe Haru & Oneday is a must-visit cafe for me. Although I have always been in Seongsu area, I have never visited this.

Good thing, I had my vacation and I really made sure to put this on my itinerary. I am also so glad that my fellow ELF, Chloe, was with me during my visit here.

Haru & Oneday


πŸ“ Haru & Oneday
πŸ—Ί️ μ„œμšΈ 성동ꡬ μ•„μ°¨μ‚°λ‘œ 92 Sνƒ€μ›Œ 1μΈ΅

How to go here:

The easiest way to go here is to use the subway Line No. 2 (Green line), drop at Seongsu Station and exit at Exit 4. Continue walking for a few meters and you can see this already.

You really have to know how it looks like in the outside or else you won't notice it that much. Like what I said earlier, I was always in Seongsu but I never noticed this one.


Their drinks range from 4800 krw to 7000 krw. While their desserts range from 3600 krw to 10000 krw.

My friend and I ordered Mango Smoothie, Strawberry Latte, and Cheesecake. It was actually better than I was expecting. My other ELF friend actually suggested the Sweet potato cake but I totally forgot about it. So, I think there are more reasons to go back to this cafe.

Cafe Vibe

My friend and I went there on a Tuesday afternoon. There were few people there making the place very peaceful. If you would love to work there as well, there is a table wherein you can plug your gadgets. I personally love the vibe of this cafe because it really makes me feel productive at the same time makes me feel like resting.

There is also a special place wherein you can take a photo and leave a message for Donghae. You can stick your photos on the notebooks on the side.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay here in Haru & Oneday. What made it more fun was Donghwa, Donghae's brother, was just behind me. At first, I didn't notice him but then Chloe told me.

I will come back to this place once I travel again to Seoul.

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