My SEVENTEEN Street in Seongsu Experience

October 12, 2023

Meeting SEVENTEEN at the SEVENTEEN Street is heaven

Going to Seventeen Street has been added to my bucket list after their first Seventeen Street at the Sebitseom. Aside from the fact that some Carats saw the members at the Seventeen Street, it feels so good to roam around the venue knowing that it will be filled with Seventeen-related items.

Since Seventeen is going to have a comeback again this October 23, they once again made the SEVENTEEN Street as part of their promotion. Since I’m living in Korea now, I made sure to attend this event.

What is SEVENTEEN Street?

SEVENTEEN Street is a free outdoor exhibition made to promote SEVENTEEN's upcoming comeback. The first SEVENTEEN Street happened at the Sebitseom last April 8-16. And since they are having their comeback again this October 23, another SEVENTEEN Street happened but this time it was held in Seongsu.

There are different activities that you can do in the SEVENTEEN Street in Seongsu like take photos on the photo booths, have a few seconds listen to the upcoming songs, see SEVENTEEN's discography, while enjoying some Korean cafe around the area.

My Experience at the SEVENTEEN Street

Activities at the SEVENTEEN Street

The event is open for public but there are activities that needed to be pre-registered beforehand such as Photo booth in Life4cuts, Universe Factory Listening Room, and Festival House. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reserve any of these activities which I was so sad about it. I tried to reserve but other Carats were faster than me.

But still, I was able to enjoy other activities.

The first activity that I joined was the SNS activity wherein I need to post two photos (one of the Art Walls and the other is the event itself) of the SEVENTEEN Street on my social media account and I will receive such freebies. If I happened to be earlier I could have received a special bag too. But still, I'm happy I was able to receive a Banila Co. item and other freebies.

There were a lot of people during my visit that's why it's a bit hard to move since the space was a little bit small. The next activity that I tried was the 17th Heaven Wall wherein you can write messages for the members.

There were a lot of messages already so it's hard to find a space. You can check my Instagram account my very short message for Joshua which I believe he won't be able to read haha.

After that the next activities you can do is to take photos on the photo spots that they prepared. There were only three photo spots but I only managed to take a photo on one place because the line was too long and I haven't eaten anything when I went here.

But at least I was able to take a photo with the spot that Joshua posted.

Meeting SEVENTEEN at the SEVENTEEN Street

I'm glad that I also went to the SEVENTEEN Street during nighttime because some members visited the place. I was able to see five members - DK, Vernon, Joshua, Dino, and Hoshi. I wasn't able to see Mingyu and Seungkwan because I was not in Seoul yet when they went.

This is probably the highlight of my whole SEVENTEEN Street experience. "So, this is how it feels." that's what I thought when I saw them. As someone who only relies on Twitter for updates, it's really fulfilling to experience it firsthand.

Overall Thoughts

I wished that they chose a bigger place and a more open one. The streets were actually small so when people line up, the cars are having a hard time passing through. Plus, with a bigger space, they can also accommodate more Carats during the activities. I was really sad that I wasn't able to enter the other activities.

But, I love how all the staff handled the event. They were all so kind. Even if I am not yet that fluent in the Korean language, they try their best to explain everything for us to understand. To all the staff, you did well.

It was worth visiting. I hope there will be more SEVENTEEN Street in the future and I hope I can come again.

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