October 16, 2023

SEVENTEEN TEEN, AGE (Green Ver.) album was shot in Batangas, Philippines

I was not a fan of SEVENTEEN yet when they released their TEEN, AGE album. That's why I didn't have this album. I was so sad because this is one of the albums that is already out-of-stock. Meaning, if I were to buy this album, it's already overpriced because it's considered rare.

A lot of PH Carats are looking for this album mainly because it was shot in Calatagan, Batangas (which happens to be a place near my hometown).

Good thing, SEVENTEEN decided to reprint their past albums and I was able to get one when I went to Seoul for SEVENTEEN Street.

TEEN, AGE (Green Ver.) Inclusions


What I like about this album is it's hard and thick. It really looks like a book. Unlike some of their new albums, it's a bit flimsy or easy to be dented. Aside from that, of course, the photos here are so Filipino-coded. Imagine the 95z riding the tricycle?


The CD is simple but I like the fact that they put photos of SEVENTEEN on the other side of the CD. Look how cute and young the members are.

Lyric Book

When I saw this lyric book, the first thing that came into my mind is I need to study these words so that I can understand it without even looking at the translations. That is my goal. But I need to manage my time wisely though. Honestly, I'm still having a hard time adjusting with the time because it feels so fast.

Portrait Desktop Stand and Photocard (1 out of 13 random)

These inclusions are random and I was so shocked when I got Mingyu for the photo stand and Jeonghan for the photocard. I was indeed happy that I got this. I am still planning to complete all 13 photocards. So far, I got two (I already have Seungkwan's before). 11 more to go.

By the way, we call the photocards SEVENTEEN Batangas pc. lol

Name Sticker

I don't know where I'll be using these stickers but I'm happy I got one. Because my first Teen, Age (Green) album - which was unsealed by the way - did not come with this.

Folding Poster (Random 1 out of 9)

For the poster, I got the 97z version. Look at how cute they are. They really look so young at this time especially Minghao.


@annyeongruth Unboxing my SEVENTEEN Teen, Age (Green) Album. I really want this album because it was shot in Batangas! #kpop #seventeen #unboxing ♬ 박수 - SEVENTEEN

I bought this in Myeongdong Underground Shopping Mall for 17,200 KRW which is around 720 PHP. 

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