Thai heartthrob Dew Jirawat holds 1st Solo Fanmeet in Manila

October 22, 2023

It is Dew’s third visit in Manila within a year and the fans’ excitement grew bigger than his past visits.

He commenced the night by singing “In the Wind”, an OST from F4 Thailand, which brought back so many memories from the series as well as from “Shooting Star in Manila”, their concert last November 2022.

After his first performance, he jokingly said that he feels like he’s in club partying with fans because of the energy that they gave off and the first thing that he remembered from his last visits was the phrase “Mahal kita baby” (I love you, baby) and the crowd went wilder than before.

To start the next segment, he was asked for three keywords that can describe the night’s event and he answered “love, power and baby”. After that he was then asked to answer some questions in different categories, based on the icons that he will choose.

Top three essentials that he brings during shooting/ filming: he started by saying “my phone, me to shoot, my watch" then proceeds to “my heart and my brain” which made the fans and even the host laugh due to his humor.

When asked what he would be if he’s not an actor, some fans shouted “asawa ko” (my husband/partner), but Dew cut them out saying “love is not an occupation, love is not a work” and playfully point his finger to them as everyone laughed since no fan can apply as his wife/partner now for that reason! He then answered that he’ll probably become as cartoonist/ illustrator.

The next question focused on the songs that he is currently listening to. He said that he won’t give those because it’s his songs but ended up telling it too – “About You” by The 1975 and “First love”. The fans teased Dew for a line of the song. He said that they song that they are requesting is not the same song that he was listening to but he still sang a part of “First Love” by Nont Tanont.

Dew also played “Pinoy Henyo” with the rest of the fans but he failed to win. As a punishment, he needs to do cute poses. After the games, he proceeds to sing “โต๊ะริม” (Melt) by Nont Tanont.

“Melting because of Dew”

In the next part of the show, he was asked to react to some of the videos from his recent projects. First video is from Home School: The series with Jane Ramida Jiranorraphat, where he played as Nai. He described Nai as very aggressive and straightforward but innocent.

Second video is a snippet of “I Do” by (G) I-DLE, a music video that he filmed with Tu Tontawan. The fans are satisfied about the project because they saw a happy ending between Ren and Gorya, played by Dew and Tu, the ending that they didn’t get during F4 Thailand. Dew also shared that he didn’t have a “puppy love” during his high school days because he studied in an all-male school back then. His message to the student Dew made the hall echoed with laughter but the fans can’t deny it because it’s a fact – “When you grow up, you are very handsome”.

Dew also performed Bright Vachirawit’s “My Ecstacy” and his rapping skill shocked the whole fandom that night! He tried Filipino snacks like Halo-halo, Turon and Chicharon. He liked all of the snacks but Turon left the biggest impression to Dew. He even asked where he could buy it.

The fans prepared a VCR for Dew and surprised him with a birthday cake, took some photos with the crowd as he expressed his gratitude for the unending support of his fans and even asked the fans to teach him how to say “please stay with me, forever” in Filipino. The fans teased him by saying “walang uuwi” (no one will go home) but Dew replied that the fans can stay in the hall and he will go outside to buy Turon. Until the very end, his wittiness prevailed.

He then performed his latest song “North Star” in which he partnered with Prim Chanikarn in the music video. “It’s only you, อยากให้รู้ว่านานแค่ไหนก็เป็นเธอ” (It’s only you, no matter how long, it’s always been you) …Fans waited for several months just to see Dew Jirawat again, and he will always be worth the wait.

The Dew 1st Solo Fanmeet in Manila was held last October 14, 2023 at Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premiere.Thank you so much Makeitlive for bringing Dew Jirawat back to the Philippines as well as for the invites!

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Article: Denisse Pascual
Photos: Jessa Lacao

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