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October 18, 2023

SEVENTEEN presents 'Festival of Happiness' with their 11th Mini Album

On the 18th of October 2023, Seventeen released a highlight medley video of their upcoming 11th mini album 'SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN' which is scheduled to be released on October 23, 2023. The music video of their title track "음악의신 (God of Music)"  will be released on HYBE Label's Youtube Channel at 6PM KST.

The highlight medley video includes the title track "음악의신 (God of Music)", group songs "SOS (feat. Marshmello)", "Diamond Days", "Headliner", unit songs "Back 2 Back (Performance Team), "Monster (Hip-Hop Team)", and "Yawn (Vocal Team)". The album contains a total of 8 songs including the "God of Music (Instrumental)".

SEVENTEETH HEAVEN TRACKLIST. Credits to their Twitter account
The first track of the album is "SOS" which is a collaboration with the world's top DJ Marshmello. It is a song which blends Marshmello's unique sound centered on strong bass and synthesizers with rock-style sounds and Jersey club beats.

The second track, which is the album's title track, "음악의신 (God of Music)", is said to be a soul funk-based song that stands out with the harmony of cheerful synth and brass sounds. Through these cheerful sounds, it is expected to be a 'festive' song which will make you feel the strong and positive energy that SEVENTEEN talks about.

The third track, "Diamond Days", is a song that is a sampling from a B-side track of their debut album "Shining Diamond". After 8 years of their debut, SEVENTEEN who has finally achieved great success is reinterpreting the song in another perspective.

Next, the performance team's "Back 2 Back" which includes impressive synth and heavy snare sounds. Meanwhile, the hip-hop team goes into an impressive retro and conceptual mood for their song "Monster". The vocal team's "Yawn", on the other hand, beautifully blended the sounds of piano, violin and guitar. Each songs conveys unique charms of each unit.

Lastly, the rock genre "Headliner", expresses the joy of going to see the 'headliner' of a performance. It is a tribute song to Carats who have believed in and supported SEVENTEEN for a long time. This song will allow you to feel SEVENTEEN's extraordinary love for their fans.

As of writing, the 11th mini album "SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN" has broken the record for the highest number of pre-orders among SEVENTEEN's albums by exceeding 4.67 million pre-orders. SEVENTEEN has uniquely used the English expression 'Seventh Heaven' which means a state of extreme happiness and created their own meaning to it.

Watch the Highlight Medley:

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