October 29, 2023

I got my Seventeenth Heaven albums a few days after release

SEVENTEEN released their 11th mini album "Seventeenth Heaven" last October 23, 2023 with 음악의신 as their title track. In line with this, they had different promotions like the Seventeen Street which happened in Seongsu.

Since I moved to South Korea to study for my Master's, I am very happy to know that I'll get to experience a Seventeen comeback in South Korea. Aside from that, I will also be able to buy an album as soon as it gets released.

I ordered my album through Weverse and just two or three days after the comeback, I already received my albums.

Unboxing my Seventeenth Heaven albums

For this comeback, I bought one set of the regular albums (5:26am, 2:14pm, 10:23pm), a Carat version, and a Weverse Version.

I bought the regular albums in Weverse while the Carat and Weverse versions, I bought it in Powerstation here in Busan. That is why my unboxing videos are on a separate location.

Seventeenth Heaven album inclusions

Regular album


I personally like the concept and idea of the outbox of Seventeenth Heaven albums. The versions are times related to Seventeen and Carats.
5:26am - May 26 (Seventeen's debut)
2:14pm - February 14 (the day when we were called Carats)
10:23pm - October 23 (Sevventeenth Heaven comeback)

Aside from that, the outbox shows how a festival happens, from preparation to the event until the end of festival. If you scan the outbox of these albums, it will also show you a 3D animation which is cool.

Another thing that I liked with the outbox is they created a maze to show you the tracklist of the album.


I honestly have a hard time choosing between the 5:26am or the 2:14pm version on which photobook I like the most.

Lyric Book

To be honest, I didn't notice it at first that the lyric books have different colors as well. I though they all look the same.

Festival Wrist Band

This wristband is only for the first press albums. Although I don't have plans on using these, I still like the fact that they included this to really show how a festival works.

Paper Art Kit

I'll be honest. I don't know what's the purpose of this one. haha

But, I have been seeing a lot of creative things that Carats did for this. The paper art kits are different per version - Performance Unit, Vocal Unit, and Hiphop Unit. If you bought a set of the album, you'll get all the unit's paper art kit.

Photocard, Mini Card, Sticker, and Ref Magnet

The reason why I have a lot of photocards is because I have a Weverse POB photocards and Fansign photocards. The ref magnet is also a Weverse POB.

The only difference a photocard and mini card has is the texture of the paper. The photocards have a glossy paper while the mini card has a matte type of paper.


Folded Poster

Carat Version

Outbox + Sleeve

I don't know if the Carat version also has this 3D thing because when I tried it, there's none.

Hard cover binder / booklet

The cover is actually random (unless you bought it in Myeongdong). There are some shops in Myeongdong where in you can choose the member for the cover. But in my case, it was random. And I got Hoshi.

So, I got a Hoshi binder and 24 Hoshi photocards.

Lyric Book


Random photocards

For this version, we get four random photocards aside from the 24 member photocard.

Weverse Version

For the Weverse version, I got Joshua's. It is also random like the Carat version. That's why I was so shocked when I got it. The Weverse version has two photocards and one QR card wherein if you scan it you can listen to the album through the Weverse Albums app.

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