Attending a Cupsleeve Event in South Korea

November 19, 2023

I attended Jeonghan's cupsleeve event in South Korea

I used to attend cupsleeve events in the Philippines. Not all the time, though. But I had attended such events. When I saw that there will be a cupsleeve event for Jeonghan's birthday and it was near my place, I decided to visit it.

What is a cupsleeve event?

Cupsleeve event is an event to celebrate an artist's birthday, anniversary, or a special occasion. At first, these events were handled by fansites or fanclubs of the certain artist. But recently, anyone can handle their own cupsleeve events.

These kinds of events allow you to enjoy your drinks while meeting other fellow fans. Aside from that, you will also receive freebies from the handler of the cupsleeve events. Just note that these freebies may run out immediately.

My experience attending a cupsleeve event in South Korea

I went to this event a little bit late because of my schedule. If I'm not mistaken, I went here on the last day. Therefore, the cupsleeve itself no longer has stocks and I only received few freebies.

But it doesn't matter to me actually.

The important thing here is that I was able to celebrate Jeonghan's birthday and support my fellow Carat's preparation for this event.

They were streaming Seventeen's concerts/fanmeets
I am not quite sure if there was a program for this cupsleeve event, but when the time I went there, there was none. In fact, there were no people inside the cafe.

In comparison to Philippine cupsleeve events, there is usually a program where you can play games with your fellow fans, win prizes, and just have fun. More like a gathering.

I was with my fellow GKS scholar, Uldana. Like what I have mentioned earlier, you will receive freebies for this event. I got postcards and photoprints.

The funny thing is, I forgot to take a photo of the drink itself because I was too focused on the concert that they were streaming.

Overall, I enjoyed my first cupsleeve event in South Korea and I hope this won't be the last event that I can attend to.


Here's is my mini vlog of the event
@annyeongruth I went to a cupsleeve event for Jeonghan’s birthday here in South Korea! Happy Jeonghan Day! (I was supposed to post it yesterday but forgot 🤣) #kpop #seventeen #jeonghan #southkorea ♬ Ima -Even if the world ends tomorrow- - SEVENTEEN
I went here early October but I just posted this on my blog now. I have been so busy recently and I haven't found the time to do my online contents. But I'm slowly updating it all. 

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