SEVENTEEN Artist-Made Collection Pop-Up in Seoul

September 16, 2023

My first SEVENTEEN purchase after moving to South Korea

The moment that Pledis Entertainment and HYBE Merch announced that SEVENTEEN is going to have their artist-made collection, I was so excited. What more when they announced that they will be having an offline pop-up store?

As a Carat who moved to South Korea, I am really looking forward to attending different SEVENTEEN-related events. So, I made sure that I will be able to visit SEVENTEEN's Artist-Made Collection Pop-Up even though it is in Seoul.

SEVENTEEN Artist-Made Collection Pop-Up in Seoul

Compared to the Love Pop-Up in Tokyo and FML The Pop-Up experience by Spotify, this pop-up has a larger scale. It was like a mixture of the two pop-ups that I mentioned.

The pop-up in Seoul was held at the Shinsegae Gangnam from September 1-10. SEVENTEEN's artist-made collection pop-up has three seasons. The first season is for S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, and Jun. The second season is for Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, and The8. And for the last season, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino. The pop-up was divided into two: the merch shop and the showroom.

And yes, you have to queue separately if you want to go on both. Good thing, in my case, after buying in the merch shop, I was on time to enter the showroom.

Merch Shop

I queued for like two hours just to enter into the merch shop. I wasn't able to take much videos or photos in the merch shop because I was a bit in a rush to enter.

When I entered the merch shop, I was so happy because they are all still available. I was really looking forward in buying Jeonghan's plushie and blanket (Jjong Toram). Aside from the fact that it's a very cute plushie, it also includes a blanket wherein you can use in the airport.

I wanted to buy Joshua's merch too because he is my bias. But I am not really into perfumes, plus it's a bit expensive. My budget is only for Jeonghan's merch.

Inside the pop-up merch shop, they also sell some other SEVENTEEN merch like the Follow to Seoul merchandise and the collaboration between SEVENTEEN and Muzik Tiger.

Some merch have limits on how many a person can buy. Like for Jun's plushies, maximum of three per person. But the other merch doesn't have a limit.


The showroom is just a place where they displayed the artist-made collection. If you're not yet decided what to buy, I think it would be better to go to the showroom first before going to the merch room. This place can help you decide what to buy.

In my case, I think it's a good idea not going here first because I might have bought the other merch by Jeonghan.

You can also test out the merch here like for example, S.Coups's umbrella.

If only S.Coups' umbrella was a folded one instead of the longer one, I would have bought it too. Since it has been raining in South Korea lately, this umbrella is really useful. Plus, this is the cheapest merch out there.

Joshua's perfume set was actually so good. It's just that I no longer have the budget to buy this one. Plus, I'm not a gifted person when it comes to creating fragrances.

I also wanted to buy Jun's merch especially the phone case since I have to change my phone case now. But because of budget, I wasn't able to buy. I'm just hoping that once I have extra money, it will still be available.


Check out my vlog about my weekend in Seoul

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