SEVENTEEN FML The Pop-Up Experience by Spotify

May 31, 2023

Definitely an experience

In line with SEVENTEEN's latest comeback, FML, and right in time for their fanmeeting in Tokyo, Spotify Japan had an event to celebrate these events. From May 25 - May 31, there was a mini pop-up event held at the 2nd floor of MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 from 10am - 9pm.

I was so happy because I was able to visit it during my stay in Tokyo. It was a short visit but it was truly an experience.

What are the activities you can do at this pop-up?

Write a message for SEVENTEEN

The whole place is filled with these message boards for the members. A lot of Carats have visited it already and a lot has wrote their message for SEVENTEEN. Of course, since I visited it also, I made sure that I should leave my message for them too.

I shared a good news to SEVENTEEN. As of writing this blog, I haven't shared the good news with other people that's why I hid the message first. I just really hope that the members get to read this because I'm really thankful for them.


Photo by my friend Beza

There's also a part wherein you can have a photo of yourself in the booth. There were a lot of people in line and I have other schedules to attend to, I decided to not push through with the photobooth.

A few days after I visited the pop-up store, some members also visited here and even signed the wall.

Even though I did not have a photo with the photobooth, I was still able to receive a gift from the pop-up which was a SEVENTEEN FML postcard.

Here are some other photos of the pop-up

Mini Vlog

@annyeongruth Visited SEVENTEEN’s FML The Pop-Up Experience by Spotify at Shibuya. I even wrote a message for them. #kpop #seventeen #spotify #shibuya ♬ Super - SEVENTEEN
As I was writing this blog, I realized that I didn't have any photo of myself in the pop-up store. Well, I was so overwhelmed with what is happening around me that I really forgot to take a photo of myself there. Anyway, I still believe that this will not be my last pop-up experience.

Thank you so much, Spotify!

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