Visiting SEVENTEEN's Love Pop-Up Store in Tokyo

May 30, 2023

My first budol in Tokyo

Last April 27, SEVENTEEN announced through their Japan official website that they will be having pop-up stores in Osaka and Tokyo in line with their Love Japan Fan Meeting this May 2023. I made sure that I'll visit the one in Tokyo since I'll be going to Tokyo for their fan meeting.

As soon as I have arrived in my hotel, I immediately went to Shibuya for the pop-up store since I have a reserved schedule of 5:20pm. Since my flight that day was delayed, I was also late in arriving at the pop-up store but thankfully they still accepted me and was able to enter it.

How to go to the pop-up store

Location: 9SY Building 1F (6-23-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Through the use of Google maps, I was able to go here without any hassle. From my hotel (which is Hotel Edoya), I rode the Chiyoda Line train going to Yoyogi-Uehara. From Yushima Station, it only took around 20 minutes to go to Meiji-jingumae 'Harajuku' Station. And by there, I just walked towards the pop-up store.

You can easily find the venue because it has this large poster outside. Plus, there were a lot of Carats in front.

The pop-up store in Tokyo was only from May 11 - May 28. Good thing, I was able to have a reservation for May 26. You can't enter the pop-up store without the reservation. The reservation was done through the website too.

What's inside the pop-up store

To be honest, I don't really know what to expect in this pop-up store. The only thing I know is they will be selling the fan meeting merch.

I was actually shocked that there were still a lot of merch when I entered even though it was already late. Usually, most of their merch immediately get sold out in the morning. But I guess, I was still blessed since there were merch available.

The merch that I really want to buy was the white tshirt. I really love the design even though it was in white. I still bought the tshirt even if the smallest size is M. I was actually tempted to buy Joshua's and Wonwoo's uchiwa but I tried not to buy it since I don't want to splurge a large amount of money on my first day in Japan.

This is the list of all the merch that were being sold in the pop-up store:

1. Photo card
2. Square can badge
3. Moshi moshi card (per member)
4. Acrylic stand (per member)
5. Image picket (per member)
6. T-shirts (Love) (M/L)
7. T-shirts (Carat) (M/L)
8. Muffler towel (seventeen/ per member)
9. Tote bag
10. Shoulder strap (per member)
11. Image picket case
12. Love letter towel (per member)
13. Pins (Tokyo)
14. T-shirts (Bongbongee) (M/L)
15. Acrylic key ring (Bongbongee)
16. Tattoo sticker (Bongbongee)

But aside from that, there were also some merch from their past pop-up stores and events like for the Dream pop-up store and Be The Sun merch.

Mini Vlog

Here's my mini vlog to see how the whole pop-up store looks like

@annyeongruth I immediately went here as soon as I have arrived 🤣 #kpop #seventeen #seventeenpopupstore ♬ Super - SEVENTEEN
The venue was just small but since I'm a fan, it's really a must-visit especially if you're into the experience of seeing it personally.

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